List of good varieties of American football betting

Only a thorough analysis of American football matches can bring a positive result in gambling. And only it should be relied on in the search for optimal rates. This is the basic strategy to stick with and to follow throughout the entire gambling journey.

Types of actual bets

In the line of legal bookmakers you can find a large selection of American football events, they can be structured into the following types:

  • Outcome gambling.
  • Handicap betting.
  • Total bets.

American football resembles the good old turn-based strategy. Each team has several coaches, one mentoring the defenders, the other the attackers. Thus, when changing tactics – attack-defense, a completely attacking or defensive line-up enters the field. Of course, there are also special players who perform key functions on the field. And the extremely important piece on the pitch is the quarterback. Special attention should be paid to his persona.

Outcome betting strategy

American football is an unpredictable sport. Here the situation can actually change in one attack. Therefore, outcome bids in this sport have the same risks as handicap bets. But, nevertheless, it is preferable to choose the outcomes. We have already said that there is no draw in American football, and this greatly simplifies the task for gamblers – it is necessary to predict the victory of one or the other team.
But here you should rely on a number of factors: the current form of the teams, their personal meetings, the presence of injured players.

Handicap betting strategy

In addition to gambling on the outcome, bookmakers also offer handicap bids. Handicap is the difference in points scored by one and the other team throughout the match. Operators give a minus handicap to favorites, and a plus to outsiders.
Recall that if the bets on the outcome have rather high risks, then the wages on the handicap are even more risky, although they are “sweetened” by the bookmakers with higher odds.

Total bets in American football

Along with handicap wages, you can play the total total points in the match. The total value is the sum of the points scored by both teams throughout the match. Given that American football is a strategic sport, in which it is not so easy to break through an opponent’s defense, matches are rarely successful. Although, a lot here also depends on the current mood of the clubs and the presence of injured players.

There are plenty to choose from

American football is not the worst sport to place gambles on. Bookmakers offer an excellent list of main, side and special bids, solid highs for all events and a rich Live. Yes, it takes effort to win. On the other hand, efforts are also needed to unload the train. Therefore, everyone has their own choice for self-realization.