Types, specifications and analysis of American football betting

In the US, gambling on American football reaches $ 10 billion every year. The average match attendance is 70 thousand fans. This is more than any football championship in the world. Given such an interest in the game and the excitement of Americans, fans distort quotes, which leads to the emergence of value.

What is actually American football?

American Football (NFL) is a kind of sport that earns more than one billion dollars every year. This is a tough confrontation for the real men with a strong character. American football has about a billion fans all over the world.
Developing your own prediction strategies for American football, which could not be done without knowing the basic peculiarities of this sport, it is vital to draw attention to several important tips in tactical calculations.
Both teams send 11 athletes onto the playing field at the same time. Since the number of substitutions in American football is not limited by comparison, say, with classic football, then usually coaches indicate 50 more footballers for participation in the match. If you are a big fan of American football, then, of course, you know that defense and attack are formed by separate compositions. Knowing ahead of time about the main players on the team will help you make the correct predictions for the NFL.

Types of bids on American football

Despite the special features of this sport, there is a fairly large number of different bids in the bookmakers’ offer lines that will suit every player. The outcome is the victory of one of the teams. Draws are rare, so bookmakers prefer not to add this market to their list.
Quarter Winner – Place your bet after watching the start of the fight.
Total: general and individual, in a separate quarter and considering overtime.
Handicap – Regular time counts, OT, half or quarter.
In American football, the beginning with two quarters is the first half and the final two quarters are the second.
Half / match and quarter / match – the outcome of the first half / quarter and the result of the entire meeting. The duration of a quarter is 15 minutes, and the whole match is 60.
Additional bets: victory in the tournament, odd / even total, first time-out, the exact varieties in the numbers, that team can gain first points, and others.

Features of American football gambling

Different bids in such a game are based on the NFL. You can bet on other championships, but there is less information about them for analysis. The margin also increases: 2-3% for the NFL, and 8-10% for other tournaments.
Study the rules of the game carefully before gambling. To understand the basics, just watch 2-3 broadcasts. Then understand the terminology:

  • Touchdown – skidding the main instrument into the opponent’s point area (6 scores);
  • Field goal – a ball gained by the foot into the opponent’s goal (3 points);
  • Safe – effective action (2 points) when an attacking player is stopped with the ball or leaves the field in his own point area;
  • Quarterback – passer;
  • Running Back is a player who carries the ball from his own zone to the end of the opponent’s zone;
  • Fullback is the back row player who clears the way for the returning.

In American football, outsiders win 30% of the period and favorites 70% (NFL data). But do not bet on the leaders all the time, as this gambling strategy will lead to losses in the long run. The underdogs are losing, but not significantly. They have a positive handicap in 54 matches out of 100.

Event analysis matters

The key figure in American sport is the quarterback. He is in charge of the game. In case of the main quarterback misses a match or is not in the best condition, the team weakens in terms of the connectedness of the game.
Games in the NFL are not played as often as in the NHL or NBA. Teams always have a week to recover. Because of such a calendar, athletes almost never get tired.
Analyze statistics: total yards, penalties, lost yards due to violations, number of losses, and more. Analyze the indicators separately by quarters and compare the data of the rivals
Rainy weather helps the defending side. The speed and technique of the attacking team is leveled. Also, in bad weather, performance decreases, so do not bet on total more
NFL clubs have complex relationships, so there are no fights where the team plays in a relaxed manner. All rivalries are principled, regardless of the tournament location. Do not forget about the support at the stadiums – it’s not for nothing that home teams win more often.

What are financial strategies in sports betting?

Financial strategies in betting are, literally, approaches to managing a deposit, providing for its distribution among individual bids, determining the optimal volume of bets and replenishments, timely withdrawal of funds, etc.
Gambling and financial strategies, the ability to analyze and compare statistics affect earnings in a bookmaker’s office. Financial management in sports gambling is designed to reduce risk and increase income. With the chaotic management of the game bank, it is impossible to consistently profit from the bookmaker’s offices.
Financial management is the management of the size of transactions and the capital on an account with a bookmaker. Correct and planned actions allow you to avoid large losses and ensure regular earnings.

Throw away all doubts and start betting now

The outcome of a meeting in chosen sport is influenced by the form of the teams and quarterback, motivation, field factor and weather conditions. If you find nuances that the bookmaker’s analysts did not take into account when setting the odds, easily identify the value and replenish your wallet.