The Wells Report ‘In the Hands of Commissioner Goodell’

After 107 days the wait for the Wells Report is over.  Ted Wells transmitted his report to Commissioner Goodell and the New England Patriots early Wednesday on the footballs used in the AFC Championship Game on January 18, 2015. The… Read more »


With the NFL’s 2015 off season extravaganza in the books, the league is now concentrating on the the start of the season.   While some of the times may change, the structure of the NFL Pre-Season is listed below.  … Read more »


Hall of Famers, St. Jude Patient, Service Members and Northwestern Star/Illinois State Senator Napoleon Harris to Participate in Draft Celebrations,  Also teams will Announce Rounds 4-7 Picks at Unique Locations Across the Country. The excitement of the 2015 NFL Draft… Read more »

Top 5 By Position – Linebackers

When linebackers roamed the gridiron in the 1940s, 50s and 60s, they hunted running backs from sideline to sideline with a win-at-all-costs attitude and the temperament of men in a controlled rage. They had a high level of intensity, with… Read more »

Top 5 by Position – Defensive Backs

As the NFL landscape has changed on both offense and defense over the last decade or so, the evolution of the football player has forced scheme changes as well as rule changes from the commissioner’s office. NFL offenses went from… Read more »

Top 5 by Position – Defensive Linemen

The game of football starts at the line of scrimmage. The team that controls this line wins more games than it loses; this is a proven fact of the game. In any defensive front, the big men on the line… Read more »

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