The St. Louis Rams defeated the Seattle Seahawks 20-3 at the ED, earning a spot at the top of the NFC West (tied with Arizona and Seattle). A blocked field goal and missed field is the only thing keeping this team from a 4-0 record. There is a lot of football left to be played.

I watched from the top of the rafters from the Edward Jones Dome, positioned in the Press Bbox with the other media types. I’ve said from the beginning that Steve Spagnuolo has instilled discipline, competitive nature, a team first attitude, and the desire/direction needed as a head coach in the NFL. He just lacks talent. For two weeks running, the Rams have shelved the bad penalties, missed/ blocked field goals and have taken wins from Washington and now Seattle by winning all phases of the game, Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.

The NFL is a quarterback driven league. The Rams, holding the number one pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, did a great job picking Sam Bradford as their signal caller for the future. A franchise quarterback teamed up with SJ39, newly added receiver Mark Clayton, and the all-purpose receiver nicknamed the “human crash dummies” (nickname and total complement given for his fearless attitude and lack of concern for his body when returning kicks) Danny Amendola. The Rams offense finds enough playmakers to produce big plays and enough points to position themselves to WIN.

Let’s talk about defense. The Rams defense has given up 20 points in four games. A bend but don’t break concept, while applying consistent pressure on the pocket with a fox hole barge of blitz packages and a secondary that complements the front seven with interceptions and man cover skills. They will need to stay unpredictable and creative while heading into the second quarter of the 2010 NFL campaign.

The special teams unit has struggled early in a few areas while excelling in others. Donnie Jones ranks among the top in net punting while giving his team great field position. Josh Brown has missed a field goal, but the blocked kick was a breakdown in blocking technique.

On Sunday the St. Louis Rams came together as a team, played exceptionally well in all phases of the game, and for the second time in two weeks with back to back wins, they have ignited and stirred up excitement from the Arch, the gateway to the NFC West. Wait and See Fans, Band Wagon Jumpers and all you football junkies, the Rams are building something special. Not because of the two wins, but the feeling, desire, along with the competitive fight to the end attitude seen in person and on tape has filtered into the air from the Mississippi to the old Rams faithful in Los Angeles.

The Rams are headed in the right direction, with future additions of playmakers and difference makers on both offense and defense, will strengthen the championship foundation that is currently being formed.

The Rams are serving some sweet Kool-Aid, are you willing to grab a cup full at this time or are you going to wait and taste somewhere down the road.