The way NFL teams go about their business when it comes to training camp every year is much different. While they all work towards one common goal of team, they all start with the same structure despite different locations and work hard to achieve the ultimate achievement of the Lombardi Trophy and the rings that come with them. Listed below are the teams and their training camp locations.


Dallas Cowboys


Practices: Open to the public.

Camp Notes: This is the final year of the contract in the Alamodome in which the Cowboys have not paid for neither of the years to this point. Government officials will have a discussion on the future lease cost for the organization. In previous training camps, the Cowboys have split time in Texas and California, but sources say the idea is to stay in southwest Texas for future camps.

New York Giants


Practices: Open to the public.

Camp Notes: The Giants receive a lot of local fan support during their short stay at the University of Albany as over 40,000 fans camp out for daily practice sessions. While the university receives a large sum of money for the Giants stay, they break even on the partnership and enjoy having them around. As one source told me, “We Giants love the folks at Albany.”

Philadelphia Eagles


Practices: Open to the public.

Camp Notes: Coach Andy Reid and his team have been repeat visitors for several years, and following the team comes their loyal and crazed fans to cheer on their beloved team. Lehigh University is in a beautiful setting of the Lehigh Valley of the United States. As reported, the Eagles have a major economic impact on the town of Bethlehem. The Eagles might have the best deal among the 31 other teams being charged for dorm facilities, food and other items amounting in small fees.

Washington Redskins – Ashburn, Va. (team headquarters). Practices: Open to the public.


Chicago Bears

TRAINING CAMP SITE: Olivet Nazarene University, Bourbonnais, Ill.

Practices: Open to the public.

Camp Notes: The fan base invades the villages of the Bourbonnais. There are several large events each year: the Friendship Festival (theme is Fabulous 50’s), St. Patrick’s Day Dinner & Dance, Community Prayer Breakfast and Village of Bourbonnais Easter Egg Hunt, but nothing tops the Bears rolling into town. The economic impact is in the millions per the Kankakee County visitors bureau, which estimates 60,000-65,000 fans make it to the practices.

Detroit Lions – Allen Park, Mich. (team headquarters). Practices: Open to the public.

Green Bay Packers – Green Bay, Wis. (team headquarters). Practices: Open to the public and bicycle rides appreciated by all players.

Minnesota Vikings


Practices: Open to the public.

Camp Notes: Minnesota State University located in Mankato, better known as the “hidden vacation mecca,” This area is extremely frigid in the winter and sticky with high humidity in the summer months. Between 60,000 and 70,000 fans invade this city and look to support the men in purple. The city and local business economy influence the Vikings resulting in millions of dollars in a short amount of time.


Atlanta Falcons – Flowery Branch, Ga. (team headquarters). Practices: Some closed to the public.

CAMP NOTES: Owner Arthur Blank built a Club Med for his players in a suburb of Atlanta. The facility has condos, pools and a state-of-the-art workout facility.

Carolina Panthers


Practices: Open to the public.

Camp Notes: Wofford College is the school where Panthers owner and founder Jerry Richardson played his college football. I spent 20-plus days a year for 11 years in Spartanburg, sleeping in dorms and enjoying great food and cigars and a very close friend’s restaurant named Gehard’s. When we arrived in 1995, the fields were plastered with weeds, and the team had to use diesel generator light standards. I didn’t know what was worse; the diesel smell, the mosquitos or the high heat index. The stadium was that of a small high school. Richardson has since donated millions of dollars to the university athletic department with each and every training camp. The fields now are that of a well-groomed putting green, and the stadium rivals some of the universities in all Division I-A.

New Orleans Saints – Metairie, La. (team headquarters). Practices: Some closed to the public.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Tampa, Fla. (team headquarters). Practices: Some closed to the public.


Arizona Cardinals

TRAINING CAMP SITE: Flagstaff, Ariz.

Practices: Open to the public.

Camp Notes: Northern Arizona is in the high country were the air is thin with high altitude and the desert heat is cooled off by a continuous breeze. It might be the best weather and climate of all 32 teams. While close to 40,000 fans make the short trek to Flagstaff, millions of dollars enrich the economy.

San Francisco 49ers – Santa Clara, Calif. (team headquarters). Practices are subject to the new head coach and staff of Jim Harbaugh.

Seattle Seahawks – Renton, Wash. (team headquarters). Practice: Open to the public.

St. Louis Rams – Earth City, Mo. (team headquarters), Rolla, Mo. (west of St. Louis) is the location of choice and a very strong consideration per league sources. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale is no longer a consideration.

Practices: Some may be closed to the public.


Buffalo Bills


Practices: Open to the public.

Camp Notes: Buffalo fans come from two different countries as the crossover of Canadians and American fans converge on St. John Fisher College 90,000 strong.

Miami Dolphins – Davie, Fla. (team headquarters). Practices: Open to the public.

New England Patriots – Foxborough, Mass. (team headquarters). Practices: Several may be closed.

New York Jets – Florham Park, N.J. (team headquarters).

Practices: Open to the public.

Camp Notes: For the previous two years, the Jets have trained at SUNY-Cortland in upsate New York, but the lockout resulted in the decision to hold camp at their own facility. Normally, the Jets bring jobs to along with millions of dollars to the area each year. Fans come in the car loads of over 50,000 to cheer on their J.E.T.S. Jets, Jets, Jets.

Baltimore Ravens – Owing Mills, MD (team headquarters). Practices: Likely closed.

Camp Notes: Like the Jets, the Ravens recently announced camp would be at their facility because of the lockout. Normally, they train at McDaniels College in Westminster, MD.


Cincinnati Bengals


Practices: Open to the public.

Camp Notes: Georgetown College and the city look forward to the excitement each and every year. While the Bengals are not far from their headquarters, it is far enough away for the team to bond together and concentrate on the immediate future.

Cleveland Browns – Berea, OH (team headquarters). Practices: Open to the public.

Pittsburgh Steelers


Practices: Open to the public.

St. Vincent College is home to the Steelers’ organization. While the fans wear the black and gold, they invade Latrobe for about 20 days and I’m sure there is a steady flow of Steel City Beer.


Houston Texans – Houston, Tex. (team headquarters). Practices: Open to the public.

Indianapolis Colts


Practices: Open to the public.

Camp Notes: Anderson University, just a short jump from the team headquarters, allows the Colts the moderately quiet but highly productive getaway. Fans come from all over Indiana to see Peyton Manning and his teammates prep for the upcoming season every year.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Jacksonville, Fla. (team headquarters). Practices: Some open practices, despite low attendance from fans.

Tennessee Titans – Nashville, Tenn. (team headquarters). Practices: Open to the public.


Denver Broncos – Englewood, Colo. (team headquarters). Practices: Open to the public.

Camp Notes: With the John-John brothers (Elway and Fox), not only this location might change in the future, but how the Broncos go about their training camp business.

Kansas City Chiefs


Practices: Open to the public.

Camp Notes: Missouri Western State University hosts the Chiefs, which has some money invested in the new facility including a $19 million indoor practice field and several other big-time facilities built for them. Hopefully, the lockout will end and allow the team to enjoy their new home away from home.

Oakland Raiders

TRAINING CAMP SITE: Napa, Calif. Practices: Closed to the public.

Camp Notes: The Raiders reside in a favorite place of the country for me, the Napa Valley. While they are housed in the Marriott Hotel, that is the only chance that fans will get to see players because owner Al Davis has closed all practice sessions to the public.

San Diego Chargers – San Diego, Calif. (team headquarters). Practices: Open to the public.