Each week in the NFL brings something different, but there is only one thing that remains the same each week: there are wins and losses. In their first win of the season, the Rams exploded on the Saints in all three phases of the game. In another game, Philip Rivers’ botched snap hurt the chances of the Chargers’ ability to secure a win.

When I watched the replay of the Denver Broncos game, I found several things very amusing. The Broncos’ fans yelled cheered and screamed to get Tim Tebow in the starting lineup, their franchise quarterback of the future and it worked. After a very poor performance last week, several of those same fans jumped right off the bandwagon, based off a very poor performance by both Tebow and his teammates.

That is not what really amused me; it is the fact the Broncos’ coaching staff were pressured into making Tebow the starter in the first place. OK, I can get past that, but the inability of the coaching staff to put Tebow in position to succeed on the field; that was obvious even to the most casual football fan.

We all know he is not a drop-back quarterback, a pure passer from the pocket. It was disappointing and it seemed the coaching staff tried to make a point to the fans, and in turn took another notch in the loss column. The point being, take advantage of what Tebow does best. Move the pocket with short sets behind the tackle, roll him right or left away from pressure and allow him to work from the shot gun a high percentage of the time. Run a short to intermediate passing game and allow him to run the football.

It really comes down to a few things. On personnel; yes the current staff and John Elway didn’t draft him, but what they do with him in 2011 is on their shoulders To have success they need to surround him with a talented offensive line, a running game that is consistent in rushing production, with the ability to protect the passer. And when you have only one Pro Bowl receiver on your roster, don’t trade him for a fifth-round pick, despite any and all promising young receivers on the roster.

It is clear that Kyle Orton will be gone at the end of the season and journeyman Brady Quinn has no future in Denver or he would be playing by now. If Tebow is not the future, at least design an offense around him in order to put some wins in the column, give your fan base some excitement and something to cheer for, and have a plan for the future when it comes to building and designing a championship foundation.

Week 9 Picks

Atlanta @ Indianapolis = Falcons

Tampa Bay @New Orleans = Buccaneers

Cleveland @ Houston = Texans

New York Jets @ Buffalo = Jets

Miami @ Kansas City = Chiefs

San Francisco @ Washington = 49ers

Seattle @ Dallas = Cowboys

Denver @ Oakland = Raiders

Cincinnati @Tennessee = Bengals

St. Louis @ Arizona = Rams

New York Giants @ New England = Patriots

Green Bay @ San Diego = Packers

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh = Steelers

Monday Night Football

Chicago @ Philadelphia = Eagles