Teams that are winning are working to maintain consistency in the middle of the season, remain injury free in their core units and continue to put notches in the win column. For the middle of the road teams, they are working to balance their team’s inconsistencies on one side of the ball or the other. The rest of the teams are making drastic changes, cosmetic face lifts by replacing signal-callers, and digging deeper in the playbook to find some answers to the problems that ail them.

You see, the time is now! It is a must to get the ship steered in the right direction, lift the sails and head in full speed ahead. As the pressure of the seas start to swell, the owners of each club don’t want to hear how rough the waves are. Just bring the ship to port.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee = Titans

Jacksonville @ Houston = Texans

Minnesota @ Carolina = Panthers

New Orleans @ St. Louis = Saints

Arizona @ Baltimore = Ravens

Miami @ New York Giants = Giants

Washington @ Buffalo = Bills

Detroit @ Denver = Broncos

New England @ Pittsburgh = Patriots

Cleveland @ San Francisco = 49ers

Cincinnati @Seattle = Bengals

Dallas @ Philadelphia = Cowboys

Monday Night Football

San Diego @ Kansas City = Chiefs

This will be a great weekend for football in the NFL. Look for some exciting finishes and a lot of big plays. Again, I’m not a professional at picking games even though my win-loss record is pretty darn good. Don’t bet the farm, please.