Well, by now you have heard the news of the man named “House of Spares,” better known to all as Ndamukong Suh, the Detroit Lions defensive tackle who is quickly earning the label of the dirtiest player in the NFL and probably the most selfish player on the Lions roster.

His smashing the helmet and stomping of his opponents is not a part of the game of football, but between the lines anything goes. Like punching under the pile, eye gouging, chop or cut blocks on the back of a of a defenseless player’s lower legs, those things happen in every game. While NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell has done a good job of cleaning up the league, and protecting the players from themselves, there is still a lot of madness that takes place in the heat of the battle.

Let’s get something straight: this Pro Bowler plays the game the way it is meant to be played. He is athletic, with very good get-off out of his stance, powerful use of hands, very good football instincts and is disruptive for 60 minutes. He is the ultimate competitor with a great combination of quickness and speed inside the box and can flow laterally, making plays to the numbers, not to mention to the second level as well.

I know what you’re saying, “Tony what are you talking about, are you nuts?” No! I don’t condone what he did, and he should and will receive a fine and most likely get suspended. However, I would take him on my team in a heartbeat, and so would 31 other teams. It is much easier to say “slow down and maintain mental focus”, then “getty up” and always working to motivate a player.

I want dominant players with his kick-butt attitude, that ride that line of fierce competitor and bad boy, that are rough type player. The same ones that get off the bus and mothers are grabbing their children, grown men look the other way to avoid eye contact, not because they look like big and tough roughnecks, but because they are just that. You can’t win with a bunch of choir boys in this league. Those that ride that fine line of controlled madness is what you want; some just need more managing than others.

It is one thing to be fined for being what is portrayed as a dirty player, but it is another to get suspended and put your defensive teammates in a bad spot, while you’re sitting in the locker room as they battle for the remainder of the game. In that part of his game he needs to grow up.

Tony’s Picks

Arizona @ St. Louis = Cardinals

Cleveland @ Cincinnati = Bengals

Houston @ Jacksonville = Texans

Buffalo @ New York Jets = Jets

Carolina @Indianapolis = Panthers

Tampa Bay @Tennessee = Buccaneers

Minnesota @Atlanta = Falcons

Chicago @ Oakland = Raiders

Washington @ Seattle = Seahawks

New England @ Philadelphia = Patriots

Denver @ San Diego = Broncos

Pittsburgh @ Kansas City = Steelers

Monday Night Football

New York Giants @ New Orleans = Saints