NFL organizations, scouts, coaches and front-office executives have a demanding schedule. A scout’s season never ends from July through June with consistent amount of film study on a daily basis, travel, reports and much more. For coaches, it is a lot of late nights, burning the midnight oil into the wee hours of the morning, and many sleep in the office. They grind tape and prepare game plans, comb over self-scouting data, looking to make sure they don’t have any glaring issues that stand out. There is work on practice scripts and staff meetings daily, and a lot of film session with their players.

Prior to the players’ team meeting on Monday morning, those who sustained injuries are required to have good rehab with the training staff. The head coach gives his thoughts on the past game at the team meeting, regardless of the outcome, puts that game in the rearview mirror and establishes the mindset for a good week of practice as they look forward to the next opponent on the schedule.

The players are required to get a workout in with the strength coaches and then depart the facility. Tuesday is the NFLPA and NFL mandated day off for all players. By Wednesday, is when the 72-hour rule from the last contest runs out so that all minds are clear and everyone can move forward with a positive attitude.

While all days are critical in the preparation for a NFL game, Wednesday has the most impact. It is considered “Installation Day.” The new game plan is introduced to the team in all phases (offense, defense and special teams). What the players are introduced to on Wednesday is the complete upcoming game plan. Thursday and Friday are fine-tune days with situational repetition of the plan, and Saturday is a walkthrough as a mental recognition day.

While Sunday is game day or “showtime,” Wednesday is the most critical day of the week for all NFL clubs. There is the old cliché that says “games are won and lost on the gridiron,” but for me, Wednesday is where games are won and lost, in the preparation segment of the process.