The St. Louis Rams thus far in the 2010 season have treated the fans from here to Los Angeles with some exciting, encouraging football. A young quarterback is developing right before our eyes, dubbed with the distinction of being the face of the franchise in Sam Bradford. Pro Bowl running back Steven Jackson became the All Time Leading rusher in Rams history.

A no-name defense that is searching for its own identity while developing into a high pressure, stunt and blitzing machine that disturbs the rhythm of opposing quarterback. James Hall has set the tone for this young, scrappy bunch of men. The offense starts two young offensive tackles, one being a rookie (Rodger Saffold).

Saffold and Jason Smith have had made their share of mistakes and have been downright outplayed by the opposing pass rushers. But for the most part these two young tackles have held their own in my opinion because of competitiveness, toughness and athletic ability, the future is bright off the edge.

The bright spot is in the Rams kicking game – which sounds like a law firm (Jones-Amendola-Brown & Massey). It is the four-headed monster, the main focal point and core of the Rams Special Teams unit.

The Rams at times have tricked all of those who cheer and follow this young team, despite their good coaching Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo and Staff. Their Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality and inability to come out the second half of a contest strong and finish off an opponent is becoming troublesome.

This young team will have to learn how to cut off the air supply and choke their opponents until lifeless when they have them down. They need to come out for the second half of a contest and start as fast as they do at the beginning of the game. Coach Spags and the rest of the staff are making adjustments. The bottom line is coach’s coach and players play. Coaches put players in position to make plays, and it really comes down to total execution (Offense, Defense and on Special Teams).

Other things that need to be done include shoring up the inconsistent accuracy from the quarterback position. The offensive line must make the extra slide to remain frontal of the defender, explosive punch and use of hands as you work to protect your quarterback and open holes for SJ39, with great dominating finish. The receivers and tight ends must run precise routes, get to their spot, whip their heads around and put hands in position to make the catch, and then make a big play. Be aggressive to compete at the highest point. The Rams currently lead the NFL in false starts, while Alex Barron is trick or treating in Dallas, Texas this year.

Defensively this team needs to start gang tackling the football. Work harder on ball skill drills, tracking over your shoulder or on the move and consistently attack the ball at the highest point, Dropped interceptions are unacceptable.

The Rams are a young team, but that is no excuse. Football is football, you must out score your opponent, Tackle on defense, balance or ball control offense and win the turnover game while playing hard as a team. I see a young, well-coached team with top talent in several areas that still needs more talent to take them to the next level. Playing for sixty minutes is the treat the Rams fans are looking for on Sunday against Carolina Panthers.