The Rams dropped the season opener to the Arizona Cardinals 17-13 to go 0-1. As I walked to my car among Rams fans, I had the big ear open to several conversations. Many were aggressively upset, but not everyone. A large part of the population moving in the same direction as I, were encouraged by what they saw of the 2010 Rams, and very positive. One lady in tight jeans and heels wearing a Bradford jersey shouted “Bradford and several of the Rams looked good today despite the loss, and our team has improved over last year’s Rams that went 1-15”. Another fan (a male) said “the defense played better, was creative with a lot of blitzing and got after the quarterback. That was a much better Rams team today, and progress has been made over the 2009 team”. Several other fans were upset about the loss, shouting “same old results, same old Rams” displaying passion with a barrage of verbal tongue lashing that can’t be written in this column. A small group was disgusted and while downing their favorite beverage “I’m done, they don’t deserve my money anymore”, I immediately cut into my parking garage and settled in for the ride home, taking everything in.

Slow down folks!

I know nobody likes to lose, especially me, I despise it! But the greatest show on turf is over and has been for several years now. Curt Warner is gone, Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt is done and Isaac Bruce and Big O are retired. It was over on the double overtime loss to Carolina Panthers 2003 NFC Divisional Playoff game, loss in the ED. I worked for Carolina in 2003 as the College Director. I remember sitting in the press box, riding the wave of emotions like deep sea fishing (sick, feeling good again, and then sick) I was kicked out of the press box for pumping my fist in the air, which is not allowed, so I was asked to leave by our Media Relations Director. I then joined the Panthers team on the sideline. After Steve Smith caught a pass and split the safeties and scored to end the game. We (players and team executives) walked out of the stadium to the busses, we all were saying “that was the best game I’ve ever been associated with at any level, a great team. But those FANS were crazy and really behind their team”.

In my opinion, St Louis has some of the best fans compared to those around the league. You – the St Louis Fans – were LOUD, CRAZY, SCREAMING and CLAPPING. I was extremely impressed, having been in every stadium in the league, it was by far the loudest, it was ear piercing! I was given a photo by team photographer of me standing on the sideline, with John Fox in the background. I stood there with both index fingers crammed into my ears, trying to dull or dilute the sound.

I understand that losing is not accepted, and WINNING is everything! And there are fair weather fans that won’t jump on the band wagon until the Rams are back into their winning ways. Believe me when I say to you that the future is very bright with Sam Bradford, SJ 39 and the rest of this young team.

Are there any moral victories? HELL NO! But the future is bright!.

This is the Show Me State! And no one was more disappointing then all 53 players in that locker room as well as that coaching staff. Adding weapons, building depth while surrounding the current Play makers and Difference Makers presently on this team. The current Rams roster has a lot of young players that are still developing. Despite living in the Show me State, RAMS FANS…..Patience is a virtue.