I read an interesting article recently about the New York Giants experimenting with a helmet cam on one of their players. One source said the Giants are looking into the helmet cam as a teaching tool or coaching viewpoint on improving performance, cadence and the ability to see what the quarterback is looking at on pre-snap reads, downfield in his drops and stunts/blitz read reaction and his ability to slide step and avoid.acceleration both laterally and at point of attack.

Run Instincts: Vision in/out of hole; read/reaction to blocking; nose for the goal line.

Inside Run: Quickness to press line of scrimmage; burst and acceleration through the hole; be your own blocker and get the tough yard; pad level; strength/explosion; balance; effort; power; slasher; pick and slide; upright and high knee; short-yardage runner; production.

Outside Run: Lateral quickness with speed to turn corner; big-play speed; gear change; cutting ability; elude; production; vision; balance and body control.

Elusiveness: Vision; foot quickness, ability to make defender miss in open/tight space; quickness in cutting in tight space; string consecutive moves together in a single play.

Speed: Straight line; one gear with no build-up acceleration; breakaway threat.

Fumbler: Why?; courage; careless; in/out of traffic; physical makeup, carries ball outside frame.

Routes: Avoid defender; type (cross, out, swing, etc); gathers self; quickness out of break with separation from defender; rounds; ability to beat defender one-on-one in tight/open space.

Adjust: Flexibility; adjust to poorly thrown balls.

Hands: Natural receiving skills, soft or hard; extends with arms; body catcher; snatcher, catch in a crowd.

Run after Catch: Elusiveness; vision in open space; playmaker; production.

Blocking: Pass and run blocking attitude, temperament, three points of contact; lead blocker; pass blocking; blocking on the move; toughness; aggressiveness; strength and explosion; willingness; quickness from A-B points.

Break Tackles: Yards after contact; strength and toughness; exploding at point of attack; natural run instincts.

Durability: Stamina; endurance; injury history for position.

Special Teams: Coverage ability; return skills; pass.

Size: Halfback; weight 220 or higher; height 6-0 or shorter; smaller the halfback the faster and more elusive he needs to be. Blocking fullback; weight 260 ideal; height 6-0 to 6-2.

Lower body: Large thighs with lower body strength and explosion; powerful hips.

YAC: Yards after contact.

Fullback/blocker: No. 1 priority: block/catch; look for linebacker or tight end conversion; Texas route; dump route over the middle.

Protections: Smart; football instincts; full understanding of blocking scheme and offensive protections.

ick hands.

Ball Skills: Find and adjust to ball in flight; track on the move; finish, high point balls.

Toughness: Ability to want and make the tough catch; aggressive, competitive.

Adjustments: Physical adjustment; over shoulders; high and low; underthrown; jumping ability.

Hands: Hard/soft; sure; double catcher; snap at balls.

Run after Catch: Vision; burst/acceleration; playmaker; elusiveness in space; production, nose for goal line.

Durability: Stamina/endurance; injury history for position, plays injured.

Blocking: Effort; physical toughness; aggressiveness; willingness.

Special Teams: Return skills (KR/PR); coverage ability; holder.

Big Play: Clutch player; wants the ball; fades under pressure.

Courage: Make tough catch across the middle in a crowd.


Speed: Pad speed; stride; foot quickness.

Initial quickness: Movement out of stance to attack or avoid defender.

Hands: Hard/soft; extend arms; body catcher.

Catching Ability: Release to avoid defender; adjust on the move; concentration to frame the ball; jumping ability.

Route: Separation from defender; vertical stretch; strider; burst/acceleration out of cut.

Running Ability: Elusiveness; straight liner; break tackles; deep threat.

Toughness: Mentally and physically to play inside; durability.

Blocking: Inline to bend and hold base; balance; ankle flex; effort; second level; aggressiveness; toughness; explosion; on the move from fullback or wing position; strong use of hands; finisher, combination blocker in/out zone.

Production: Blocker and receiver.

Football Intelligence: FBI, student of the game; watch film/take notes.

Coverage recognition: Understand and read coverages on the move.


Inline: Quickness off ball; initial strength and explosion; sustain; foot and hand quickness; balance; cut-off; reach; seal; scoop, drive.

Second Level: Quickness to linebacker; downfield blocking skills.

Pass Blocking: Foot quickness to slide and remain front of defender; hand punch/replacement; quickness to pass set; solid anchor; base/leverage; ensure balance; knee and ankle bend; pad level lower then defender.

Explosion: Uncoil; pad level; hip sink and strike.

Adjust/Recovery: Position and turn defender; maintain contact while running feet; quickness to position and sustain; drive; wall off.

Pull/Trap: Short; quickness; body control; long; mobility in space; adjust on the run; ability to attack target in space with production on screens.

Recovery: Regain position; inside move; coil/strike; mirror; outside move; foot quickness.

Deep Snapper: Extra point, field goal and punt snap ability.

Arm Length: 34 inches or longer.