As progress in the NFL is measured by the number of wins and losses that a team accumulates, the development and procurement of talent is the key to building a winning skills, gained thru repetitive drill work.“color: #000000;”>an’t live without the sixth receiver. Activating the sixth receiver, he must contribute as a returner and be physical cover man. There really is not a standard for numbers, no rule on which groups have.Active day roster analysis goals “. Teams work towards having specialty players who can contribute specifically against the unusual opponents or situations that allow your team the advantage.

Listed below is the standard norm for the 45 man game day Active Roster, again keep in mind the grouping numbers are flexible;

OFFENSE – OL 8, RB 3, FB 1, QB 2 (1), WO 5, TE 3 = 22 (1)

DEFENSE – DL 7, LB 6, DB 7 = 20

SPECIAL TEAMS – Punter 1, Place Kicker 1, Snapper 1 = 3

Total game roster numbers = 45

Weather may play a part in the roster development as well. Heat is an issue for big men, having the extra defensive linemen when playing early in the schedule at a foe where heat and humidity is high and heat index make the big boys melt like an ice cube on the cement. With the Rams current injuries, it will be interesting to see the active roster vs. the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.