The annual NFL Media Day was held in Cowboys Stadium yesterday, with the stage set for the biggest football game of the year. The main storyline was Mother Nature. North Texas was pelted with sleet and freezing rain covering the roads with two or more inches of rock solid ice. The airports were closed. Roads were blocked due to car accidents and jack knifed semi-trucks everywhere.

I nearly broke the handles off my rental car just trying to open the door which was covered with an inch of ice, not to mention my wind shield that took 40 minutes to defrost. I can guarantee there were no outdoor activities scheduled.

Again major story lines stole the show and deflated Media Day. James Harrison, outside linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, verbally attacked Commissioner Goodell and the league office over the amount of money he has be fined this past year ($100K) and that the rule changes have turned the NFL into a soft league, “if you can, can you lay a pillow down where I’m going to tackle them so they don’t hit the ground too hard”. James considered retirement mid-season, because he felt he was targeted by the league office.

The NFLPA and NFL League office have met once and maybe twice, setting up a meeting structure so they can proceed and move forward in order to avoid a lockout. I still feel this was a good PR move on both sides, to defer the bitter battle that will be waged after March 4th. The Super Bowl is the biggest sports spectacular in the world and the NFL’s major event of the year. The league and the union don’t want the lockout news to detract from this event.

Big Ben’s desire to be a role model…I won’t touch that one!

Veteran offensive tackle Flozell Adams was honored by his teammates prior to boarding the flight to North Texas. They all wore Michigan State jerseys with number 76. Flozell was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 1998, he was the 38th overall pick (second round). Dallas dumped him last season, basically saying that the vet was washed up.

The Pittsburgh Steelers signed him, and he has been a bright spot on their offensive line and a leader in the locker room. Owner/General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones wanted his Cowboys to play in Super Bowl XLV, in their new stadium. Mr. Jones hand a direct hand in granting that wish, the only cowboy playing in Super Bowl XLV, is former Cowboy named Flozell Adams.