The Rams have three games remaining on the 2010 NFL schedule. They have played lights out in several games and marginal in others. They have more wins this season than the last three seasons combined. The Rams earned the number one overall pick in last April’s draft, choosing franchise quarterback Sam Bradford, and a left offensive tackle in Roger Saffold. The defense, in its second season under the Steve Spagnuolo system, is playing aggressively well.

The Rams find themselves in a dog fight in the NFC West. They are currently tied for first with the Seattle Seahawks. While holding the tie breaker over the Seahawks if the season ended today, the Rams end the 2010 season on the road with a trip out West to Seattle and Qwest Field January 2nd, which may be the deciding game for the divisional crown.

While I respect the opinion of all my analyst peers around the country, I’m not buying the wolf tickets that are being sold in St Louis and throughout the country, that the Rams only need two wins to seal the division. I’ve heard the Rams are playing with house money. Are you kidding me? That’s not the mentality I came into this league with from the University of Washington and I have never looked at a schedule when working for a NFL franchise that we didn’t have a chance to win this one, or we will lose that one. Like Coach Herm Edwards says, “you play to WIN the game,” every game.

The message from Rams Head Coach to the Rams players, coaching staff and the organization, should be, “We need to play our best football these next three weeks. We must bite, fight and scratch our way to three wins and gain momentum while staying healthy.”

I guarantee Coach Spagnuolo isn’t selling the notion to his team, that ok we can lose this one and go beat these guys. A lot of the NFL game is physical toughness as well as mental toughness, and you can’t turn it on and off like a light switch. The Rams flew to New Orleans to deal them a loss. In their minds anything else was not acceptable. The team and staff were extremely disappointed in the loss and their performance, which made for a long flight home.

Despite the loss to the Saints, the Rams remain tied for the lead in the NFC West with the Seahawks. The problem is with every loss by both teams, the San Francisco 49ers are creeping back into the picture. With a big win Sunday, the 49ers are 5-8 for the season and only one game back have the best defense in the division.

The 49ers have the following teams remaining on their schedule: San Diego, Arizona and St. Louis. Seattle is dealing with two of the NFC South powerhouse teams in Atlanta and Tampa Bay. St. Louis has Kansas City, San Francisco and Seattle. The game that is building as a major interest is the San Francisco vs. St. Louis Rams at the LOU the day after Christmas.

The Rams must win all three of the remaining games, keep that mind set and good things will happen. The Rams will take it one game at a time, trust me.