With a win Sunday against the visiting NFC West foe the Seattle Seahawks, question is do the Rams have a legit chance of a five hundred record going into the bye week? I hate to use the word “winnable”, every game is winnable. There are some opponents that are struggling, lack talent and are in a total tail spin, which can be looked at, as a more favorable chance of winning. But this is the NFL the National Football League, and on any given day, any team can fall to the other. A lot of fans or folks that are not a part of a NFL Franchise, outside looking in, don’t really understand how hard it is to WIN one GAME!

Let’s take a look at the upcoming schedule, and breakdown the teams as we look into the current window.

Seattle Seahawks are tied for first in the NFC West with the Arizona Cardinals, both standing 2-1. Sunday will be a true test for both teams. The Rams have not defeated this team in ten opportunities, which I find extremely bizarre to say the least. With Steven Jackson, nursing a partially torn groin, the offensive workload must be put on the rookie shoulders of quarterback Sam Bradford. Spread the defense out with several formations running 3-4 receivers sets and have the run game complement the pass with an imbalance throwing attack. The Defense must slow down running back Forsett, while applying consistent pressure on Seahawk quarterback Matt Hasselback. When frustrated, Hasselback doesn’t set his feet, throws off balance and his inconsistent accuracy drops, throwing interceptions. Can you say Leon Washington! The Rams Special Teams had it drilled into them all week. Tomorrow they will have a chance to shut down the NFL’s most dangerous Kick-off Return man, ranked fourth in the league averaging 46.3 with two touchdowns. But the Seahawks have not one but two return men with the second being rookie Golden Tate who ranks second in the league in Punt returns with an average average 25.2. Seattle’s challenge, play well and win on the road. My prediction, Rams 20-17 over the visiting Seattle Seahawks.

A road trip to the motor city and dinner in Greek Town, bring a solid challenge when the Rams face the Detroit Lions. With their signal caller going down in week one, and having struggled on Defense. A young team like the Rams, they are progressing and developing in the right direction, but have a ways to go. Depending on injuries this contest could be the pivotal point of the first half of this young season.

SanDiego Chargers come to the ED, stocked with Pro Bowlers. The Rams could take one on the chin. This team is well coached, deep in talent and have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, in Pro Bowler Phillip Rivers. The Rams will compete, but Chargers offense and defense might be too much for the young Rams.

The Rams will make a road trip to Tampa, not having to worry about the heat. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are almost a mirror image of the Rams. Both have young gun slingers with a good combination of youth and veterans, filtered throughout the roster. I feel good about this game for the Rams, despite a road game. The Rams will grow up on this trip and play well.

The last time the Carolina Panthers were in the LOU, was 2006 leaving the ED with a victory. Carolina is struggling at quarterback benching Matt Moore for rookie quarterback in Jimmy Clausen. By the time the Panthers get to St. Louis, I think they will figure out that getting back to ball control football and while feeding the two headed monster running backs in Williams and Stewart could be the difference, despite Pro Bowl receiver Steve Smith out on the edge putting up solid receiving numbers.

The Rams will have to play flawless football, stay healthy because the lack of depth, while protecting Sam Bradford. The defense must continue the high pressure displayed in the first three contests. It is paramount that Donnie Jones continue punting and giving the Rams great field position, while Josh Brown finishes drives with either PATD or Field Goals scoring points. I feel they will fall short of the 500 mark at the break or bye week. Still a developing and progressing young team that is really a year away from putting more wins in the column.