As Kevin Demoff organizes the search for the Rams’ next general manager, once a hire has been made, the organization must distinguish itself from the 31 other NFL teams to gain the competitive edge and championship mindset.

They must transcend from a good personnel department to a great personnel department. To accomplish that, it is critical that they first change the trajectory in which the department is presently moving. They must aim extremely higher in order to achieve the ultimate goal, winning the Super Bowl. As the player personnel bus moves forward, it is extremely important for the bus to have balance, and is well-weighted with knowledge and road experience, so it can travel forward with a combination of speed and power for the long haul.

As has been said many times, “Greatness is not a function of circumstance; greatness is a matter of conscious choice.” Working together with ownership, executive management and the head coach, along with support staffs and the business side of the house, together as a team everyone will achieve greatness.

Looking at the current situation, I see several challenges in front of the Rams’ organization. The personnel department should focus equally on what not to do and what to stop doing, to ensure a bright and successful transformation. The main goal is to identify and acquire players that fit the coach’s scheme to ensure a solid championship foundation, allowing limitless possibilities with greatness in the near future.

The personnel department should identify players that are overvalued as well as undervalued in pro personnel, and build with youth through the college draft each year. This direction will help the organization to the next level, while working on strategic ideas and methodologies that will develop a winning formula.

The following is the bottom line when building a winning team and organization:

Ownership vision, goals and direction.

Management: aggressive, making hard/unpopular decisions.

Innovative coaching.

Seek players with good character that are smart, tough, competitive, productive, and have a passion for the game.

Successful habits are structured and repeated.

Demand change/constant improvement.

Operate an environment where change is encouraged not discouraged.

Below is a list of potential general manager candidates currently working for NFL teams:

Eric DeCosta, Baltimore: Director of player personnel.

Elliot Wolf, Green Bay: Assistant director of player personnel.

Lake Dawson, Tennessee: Vice president of football operations

Tom Gamble, San Francisco: Director of player personnel.

Reggie McKenzie, Green Bay: Director of football operations,

Les Snead, Atlanta: Director of player personnel.

Tom Telesco, Indianapolis: Director of player personnel.

These young, up and coming personnel men are well qualified for the position and would bring energy, insight and the ability to evaluate talent.