While we wait for the NFL vs. NFLPA showdown June 3, let’s take a look at the Rams’ interior defensive linemen and break down their depth at that position. The most dominant veteran interior lineman is Haloti Ngata, a tackle who is off the market because the Baltimore Ravens franchised him. Here is a list of the available free agents that would upgrade the Rams as a starter or increase their depth.

The current starters, Fred Robbins and Gary Gibson, are getting long in the tooth despite solid production from Robbins last season. Gibson has struggled with injury history. When healthy he plays the game at a high level.

After the two front-line starters, the depth falls off tremendously. The free agents listed below would help the Rams in their rotation and contribute in sub-packages immediately.

Barry Cofield, DT, Giants Age 27 (five accrued seasons)

Cofield has developed into one of the league’s best interior defensive linemen. He has explosive use of his hands with quickness out of stance and plays behind pads. Good run stopper with football instincts and a nose for the ball. Solid lateral movement over and around trash, a dominant interior lineman with some nasty in his play. Pass rush is adequate, but reacts well to screens and hustles to second level.

Brandon Mebane, DT, Seahawks Age 26 (four accrued seasons)

Mebane went public saying he isn’t feeling the love from the Seahawks’ organization and coaching staff. A short fire plug that is aggressive and competitive. His quickness and ability to stop the run inside is very good. A three-down defender that i equally competitive against the run and the pass with solid production.

Cullen Jenkins, DE/DT, Packers Age 30 (seven accrued seasons)

While Jenkins is not as athletic and lacks the girth like his brother Kris, he dominates the interior line with quickness out of his stance and a motor that doesn’t stop until the whistle. Inside pass rush skills are off the chart, has the skill set to get skinny in hole, defeat single and double teams with burst to the quarterback with good sack and tackle for loss production. While injury history is a concern, and age is borderline, this player would bring depth to the Rams’ roster.

With the Rams drafting a much needed pass rusher in Robert Quinn, securing an interior defensive lineman is the key for the Steve Spagnuolo defense to bulk up against the run. The time is now for this very important centerpiece of the defense to be added.