As the rumors and heavy allegations start flying high, Mississippi burning and mudslinging is piling up. Generally where there is smoke, there is fire and damage is being done. In this case the allegations are tied to Auburn quarterback and Heisman trophy candidate Cam Newton, and his father Cecil Newton (a Deacon of five Atlanta based churches) for possibly accepting funds, in order for Cam to attend College in Mississippi.

Newton is a freak athlete, with height weight and a ton of speed in a six-foot six, two-hundred fifty-three pound frame. He is a triple crown of scoring, he has thrown, run and caught touchdown passes for the War Eagles, in 2010. Auburn is ranked #2 in the BCS polls, because of the play and leadership of Cam Newton, and they still have a shot at the National Championship.

Cam originally signed with University of Florida Gators out of High School and played behind Tim Tebow. Newton was arrested for possession of stolen property, charged on Friday, November 21, 2008. The crimes he was charged with were felony counts of burglary, larceny, and obstruction of justice. The allegations were that Newton stole a laptop from another student (worth $1,700) and threw it out of his dorm window. There were accusations that he hid the stolen laptop after being caught, which led to the further charge of obstruction of justice by impeding the original investigation, and tossing the laptop. Newton was suspended from the team. The charges against Newton were eventually dropped when he agreed to go through a court-approved pretrial diversion program. Newton ended up transferring to Blinn College in Texas for the 2009 season.

There are lots of actors in this soon to be block buster Soap Opera, coming to a theatre near you. The lead, Kenny Rogers former Mississippi St. football player and owner of Elite Football Preparation, a company that aids High School and Junior College players find colleges in order to extend their careers, as well as Training, Summer Camps and Prep work for troubled youth. Best supporting actor’s former teammate John Bond a Mississippi State recruiter, Cam Newton, Cecil Newton and the Mississippi State Bag Man.

The plot of the story, Mississippi State really wanted Cam Newton. Newton’s Camp asking for upward of $200,000 was OK and Mississippi State was willing to pay it until, Newton camp decided to go elsewhere because they were out bid by another institution?

This is the tip of the iceberg of College Football, booster money flows heavy, summer jobs are plentiful, car dealerships help with used and new wheels, apartments are that of a second year banking Vice President. What Mississippi State needs to worry about, is the NCAA and IRS will soon be making a visit. Get ready to open the doors for what they are accusing Auburn of, might bite them. Once the doors are opened and opened wide, they (the NCAA) normally find a lot of things that are not legal, not only in Football, but it opens the door for all collegiate sports at the Universities Institution.