Like most high-profile professional athletes, Terrell Owens has an official website ( where you can learn more about T.O. through his bio, purchase items from his online “Owens Store,” see a section for “Latest News,” and yes, there is his “Multimedia” section. You also can get information on the T.O. Show (a reality show), photo gallery and a video gallery.

The man that loves popcorn has been called extremely outspoken and disruptive. People have said for years he has a frank and candid personality, possibly even bi-polar. He has had a lot of drama along the way. There was the emergency room situation on an accidental overdose a few years ago and the soap opera in Philadelphia that ended with T.O. doing situps outside his suburban home.

There was also the meltdown in Seattle after Dallas (one of Owens’ five teams) lost a playoff game because quarterback Tony Romo botched a field-goal attempt as the holder. When the media asked T.O. about the situation he broke down, tears flowing and he spoke from the heart about his quarterback. You have to realize there is a sensitive side to all football players because they are people too.

Social media was swirling with speculation about Owens having a major knee injury while filming a television show or during workout sessions. The veteran wide receiver’s agent was quiet until the report about the injury forced Drew Rosenhaus to make a statement about his client.

Rosenhaus said, “Owens, 37, had the injury repaired by Dr. James Andrews in early April and will be playing at the start of the NFL season.” When the word retirement was tagged to Owens’ name, Rosenhaus called it “nonsense,” and characterized Owens’ outlook as “fantastic.”

“The old injury has been repaired,” Rosenhaus said. “He is many months into recovery and doing fantastic. No predictions on training camp, but he comes back fast from injuries. I won’t rule him out of anything. He will be a starting receiver for someone this year. All the retirement talk is nonsense. There’s been no discussion about that and this injury is not a big deal.”

T.O. made these comments on his current injury rehab situation: “I’m on the mend from a torn left anterior cruciate ligament after undergoing surgery.” He also predicted that he’ll be ready for the season and refused to give details of the nature on how and where the injury occurred.

His full name is Terrell Eldorado Owens, a native of Alexander City, Ala., and played his collegiate career at Tennessee-Chattanooga. While I was an area scout for the Carolina Panthers, responsible for the Southwest Region (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado), I heard about this fabulous athlete playing receiver at a small school in Tennessee that was putting up big numbers.

The 6-3, 230-pound receiver was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the third round (89th overall) of the 1996 draft. His skill set was a perfect match for the NFL level of competition. When you take a look at his career statistics, there is no doubt he has Hall-of-Fame numbers.

He is a six-time Pro Bowler and five-time first-team All-Pro

Some numbers to consider:

Games played: 219

Games started: 201

Receptions: 1,078

Total Yards: 15,934

Yards per reception: 14.8

Touchdowns: 153

Longest Reception: 98

Receptions per game: 4.9

Receiving yards per game: 72.8

Rushing attempts: 39

Rushing yards: 251

Rushing touchdowns: 3

Longest rushing attempt: 38

Rushing yards per attempt: 6.4

Rushing yards per game: 1.1

Rushing attempts per game: 0.2

Total yards from scrimmage (rushing & receiving): 16,185

Rushing & Receiving touchdowns: 156

Total fumbles: 11

Receptions (All-Time):

1. Jerry Rice 1,549 (1995-2004)

2. Marvin Harrison 1,102 (1996-2008)

3. Cris Carter 1,101 (1987-2002)

4. Tim Brown 1,094 (1988-2004)

5. Terrell Owens 1,078 (1996-2010)

Receiving Yards (All-Time):

1. Jerry Rice 22,895

2. Terrell Owens 15,934

Receiving Yards per Game (All-Time)

1. Andre Johnson 79.7

2. Torry Holt 77.4

3. Marvin Harrison 76.7

4. Larry Fitzgerald 76.0

5. Jerry Rice 75.6

6. Lance Alworth 75.5

7. Anquan Boldin 75.3

8. Michael Irvin 74.9

9. Randy Moss 73.6

10. Terrell Owens 72.8

Receiving Touchdowns(All-Time):

1. Jerry Rice 197

2. Terrell Owens 153

Randy Moss 153

T.O. has played for five teams (San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, Buffalo and Cincinnati) and if he makes it back from his current medical condition there will be a sixth. Despite the arrogance, attitude and the documented disruptive personality he displayed with every organization he played for, you can’t ignore the numbers he generated over his 15-year career. Pretty damn impressive.