As the NFL moves closer to the half-way point of the 2010 season, let’s take a look at some of the events that have taken place before I move into this weekend’s predictions.

The latest news and rare mid-season rule change from the NFL league office, put into law for immediate implementation on “helmet to helmet” collisions. All thirty-two teams felt the jolt like an earthquake, sending a rippling effect or aftershock stirring up the media and fan base, resulting in a tsunami of verbal back lash from players of yester year and the current players as well. It will be very interesting to see how the NFL, allows the referees to police each and every game, while maintaining consistency across the board. The NFL is protecting their product or investments, I understand I truly do. But don’t hurt the game as you institute new laws that won’t change the game, because violence won’t go away. It’s like fighting in Hockey, or skating and slamming a player against the board, that is what people come to see! Regulate it, but don’t hurt the nature of the game.

The Randy Moss trade, both sides were very complementary of each other upon his departure. Coach Belichick spoke kind words of greatness and wished him well. Former players wished him well, while stating he was a close friend and one for life. Randy responded with kind words directed to the Kraft family, organization and teammates. His private texting to Tom Brady was kept private, the respect for each other was evident. The trade was good for Moss, and the Vikings. He returns to the team that drafted him, and the Viking fans welcomed him home. A chance at the Playoffs, an opportunity to play with Brett Favre sKy rocketed the hype and hope in the Twin Cities. Patriots traded for Deion Branch a suitable replacement, a player that they drafted and he and Brady connected and played well first week back.

Brett Favre “sexting” photos of Brett Jr to a female reporter. This raised many eye brows towards the Grandfather of football. The story picked up speed like a snow ball rolling down hill, turning into an avalanche. The embarrassment for Brett, his family, teammates and the Minnesota Vikings organization grew out of control, as to be expected. While the NFL community was disappointed, League security did their job by interviewing everyone possible, starting with Brett Sr.

I can’t end without mentioning the Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawk organization with 233 player transactions and counting. I’m assuming it’s an NFL record, accruing players thru trades and off the street, or other NFL teams practice squads, trying to build a foundation. They are showing the NFL building a team is not an art, but a process and their winning while doing it.

Ok enough with the fun stuff, let’s get down to business. Week seven has some interesting games, must wins and possible blowouts.

Rams @ Buccaneers Rams 24-23

Cardinals @ Seahawks Seattle

49ers @ Panthers 49ers

Redskins @ Bears Redskins

Eagles @ Titians Titians

Steelers @ Dolphins Steelers

Browns @ Saints Saints

Bills @ Ravens Ravens

Jaguars @Chiefs Chiefs

Vikings @ Green Bay Vikings

Raiders @ Broncos Broncos

Patriots @ Chargers Patriots

Monday Night Football

Giants @ Cowboys Cowboys