With the NFL labor dispute reaching an extremely critical point in negotiations, and the level of urgency sky rocketing like fireworks on the Fourth of July, the end is near and a new CBA is coming very soon. The owners and players along with the lawyers from both sides continue to work out the mechanics and the language of a new deal.

Since March 11, the total number of players that have been arrested is at 20, with receiver Kenny Britt enjoying himself and getting arrested multiple times. The latest was Adam “Pacman” Jones, who was a troubled youth growing up and continues this pattern as an adult. If this young man was walking on one side of the street, and there was dog crap on the other side of the street, somehow, some way, he would find his way across the street and fall right in it.

The latest with the Cincinnati Bengals cornerback is that he was arrested early Sunday morning at a bar for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The 27 year old was taken into custody for a misdemeanor after he was asked to leave a Cincinnati area bar for an uncontrollable attitude and what was called rowdy behavior. He was physically restrained by two police officers, and as reported fought them when handcuffs were being applied. Witnesses claimed and it is reported that Jones was close to a committing a violent act while yelling profanities.

Just four months ago, in late February, Jones was sentenced in Las Vegas for his strip-club fight that left several injured including a bouncer that was paralyzed. He received 200 hours of community service, which came from a plea deal for his role in what was called one ugly scene. One of the stipulations from the courts was that he was to undergo anger management counseling and random drug testing.

A first-round pick by the Tennessee Titians in 2005, Jones signed a two-year contract with the Bengals. The Bengals are slowly becoming the junkyard for NFL misfits. They added a player with talent, but also added a player with six arrests and more than a dozen off-field issues involving police. He was suspended by the league for the 2007 season and missed several games in 2008 when playing for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys for fighting a security guard. Because this young man has such a troubled past, this doesn’t surprise me, and if I was a betting man there is more to come.

While any of us can get in trouble with the law, when you hear that certain people got arrested you couldn’t believe it. That’s what I did this weekend when I received the news that Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward was arrested for drunken driving after being crowned the champion of “Dancing with the Stars.” When pulled over by Georgia police and given the standard sobriety test, it is reported he failed. He was held on $1,000 bond and was later released after he posted bail.

Once the lockout is lifted, all 32 teams will be extremely busy with free agency, training camp and other preparations for the 2011 season. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will also be extremely busy with all the bad boys during the lockout that found themselves in some sort of trouble. It is almost certain that all arrests will fall under the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy, which should yield several suspensions that likely will be handed down once a new CBA is agreed upon.