Having worked for the Carolina Panthers for eleven years, the only in state rivals were at the college level of competition. The battles in football were North Carolina State vs. East Carolina and basketball was North Carolina vs. Duke.

The National Football League has several in-state rivals. In New York they have the New York jets vs. New York Giants. These two teams have a very unique situation by sharing a new Billion dollar stadium with both team names on the venue. This makes it very interesting with the teams and their fan base.

Pennsylvania has two teams with great tradition in the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles. They don’t play on a consistent basis but when they do, it is a fierce battle. The state of Ohio has two teams in the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns, who face off and make for a competitive battle.

California has several teams, but the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers are divided by the San Francisco bay, and the rivalry is madness between the teams and fan base.

In the state of Missouri the Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Rams are truly in-state rivals. The two teams battle for what is called the Governor’s Cup. I was not sure of the history of the cup until I researched the meeting of these two teams.

The Missouri Governors Cup is a trophy awarded to the winner, which happens in an annual contest, preseason, or regular season. This cross state rivalry was established in 1968 – 1987 between the Chiefs and the St. Louis Cardinals. When the Cardinals moved to Arizona, and the Los Angeles Rams moved to St. Louis in 1995, the new contest was established in 1996. This game is called the “Battle of Missouri”, or some call it the “Show Me State Showdown”. While several of the older Missourians call it the I-70 series. Most of the meetings occurred in the pre-season, they have only played four times during the regular season.

The Chiefs lead the series 16-7-2 in the series against the Cardinals from ’68-’87. When the Los Angeles Rams relocated to St. Louis, the rivalry was re-connected. Both teams had high powered offenses, and the most productive in the NFL in the early ’01, ’02, ‘03, and the contest resulted in close games or shootouts.

Once the Dick Vermeil era started, he hired Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz, the “Greatest Show on Turf” was born. Both teams met in the pre-season to determine the best team in Missouri. The Chiefs led the Rams in the overall record 14-6-1.

The first overall contest was played, November 22, 1970 St. Louis Cardinals 6 Kansas City Chiefs 6 Municipal Stadium. The second was played December 1, 1974 Kansas City Chiefs 17 St. Louis Cardinals 13 Busch Memorial Stadium.

In November 23, 1980 Kansas City Chiefs put up 21 points and St. Louis Cardinals scored 13 in Busch Memorial Stadium. In October 2, 1983, St. Louis Cardinals scored 14 points, while Kansas City Chiefs had 38 in Arrowhead Stadium. November 23, 1986 Kansas City Chiefs 14 St. Louis Cardinals 23 Busch Memorial Stadium

Since I arrived, and started working for the Rams as the Vice President for the Rams, it has been a great battle; August 26, 2006 St. Louis Rams 12 Kansas City Chiefs 16 Arrowhead Stadium, August 30, 2007 Kansas City Chiefs 3 St. Louis Rams 10 Edward Jones Dome, August 28, 2008 St. Louis Rams 17 Kansas City Chiefs 21 Arrowhead Stadium and September 3, 2009 Kansas City Chiefs 9 St. Louis Rams 17 Edward Jones Dome.

Governor Nixon visited the Rams practice He also spoke with Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo. The meeting Sunday will be for more than the Governor Cups. Both Teams are battling for their Divisional titles and it will likely come down to the game on Sunday in the ED.