The NFL is venturing into new territory. No, it’s not expanding into the UK, Mexico or even China (well, not yet). Rather, for the first time ever, the league will have a fantasy football celebration that will last three days – August 22-24 in New York City. The inaugural draft will kick off the 2012 NFL season and marks another major offseason event held by the NFL, with thousands of fantasy fans expected to be present and millions of others viewing.

The World Championship of Fantasy Football holds its draft in the weeks to come in Las Vegas, whose casinos find themselves hosting an increasing number of such events. This organization is the largest of its kind and, with the annual payout pool surpassing $2 million dollars, carries perhaps the most prestige as well.

Let’s make it very clear, however: The NFL is not getting into the gambling business. The NFL’s upcoming fantasy gala will take place at the Best Buy Theater in New York City and, as promised, will be the back-to-football party for all fantasy pigskin fans worldwide. With training camps underway and the Pro Football Hall of Fame game just days away, what remains are the preseason games before the Cowboys and Giants kick off the regular season Sept. 5.

This grand celebration will have fantasy football live experts from standard and auction leagues, NFL players and surprise guests with giveaways. Information covered will involve player evaluations, several rounds of drafting and much more. If it is knowledge and drafting strategies that fantasy league commissioners, teams and players seek, this will be a one-stop shop for player information, stats and projections based on 2011 performance. These three days will cover the complete fantasy football process, including how to sign up for different leagues, ranking players by position, negotiating trades, tips, identifying trends, potential busts, sleepers, climbers and fallers, and will explain the various point system.

The NFL is pulling out all the stops, with live coverage on and the NFL Network. Will it mirror the yearly NFL draft held in Radio City Music Hall, complete with fans screaming and having fun? Fantasy fans already know the answer, and it is a resounding “yes.”