My goodness! After last weekend games, the National Football League is headed to the half-way point of the 2010 season. Parity has returned to the greatest game on Earth. There is an old phrase ‘On any given Sunday.’ League executives want all of the NFL Franchises to have equal chance to be great, competing for a chance at the Super Bowl each and every year. Parity skyrockets interest around the globe among the NFL fan bases. For each franchise the goal is to drive revenue (while profit sharing is the league rule). Cable television, Satellite and Dish broadcast games because of fan interest (both here and globally). Oh, did I forget to mention guaranteed TV money?

I will start by breaking down each Division in both Conferences and taking a quick peek at each team’s current position, while adding a Contender or Pretender title.

American Football Conference (AFC)


Baltimore – Still the cream of the crop and the best team in the AFC – Contenders

Cincinnati – Struggling defensively. Their offense is spotty despite difference makers – Pretenders

Cleveland – Young team, Rookie quarterback with a few difference makers – Pretenders

Pittsburgh – Ben Roethlisberger is back and playing well. Their defense is in attack mode – Contenders


Houston – Well balanced in all three phases. They have the top receiver in the game – Contenders

Indianapolis – HOF quarterback is losing weapons due to injury. Their defense is beat up – Contenders

Jacksonville – Quarterback issues hurt this team down the stretch – Pretenders

Tennessee – Back-up QB playing well, and the defense highly aggressive – Contenders


Buffalo – Fighting for #1 NFL pick in 2011 Draft – Pretenders

Miami – Has some playmakers, but there is inconsistent attention to detail and production – Pretenders

New England – Tom Brady is still playing well. The Patriots will have chance despite young defense – Pretenders

New York Jets – Have the total team package, but they must stay focused down the stretch – Contenders


Denver – Still a work in progress. The new regime peeled off too many players – Pretenders

Kansas City – New Coordinators add energy, competitiveness and fight to a young, fast and talented team – Contenders

Oakland – New Offensive Coordinator combined with a healthy, focused run game = production and wins. QB will be an issue down the stretch – Pretenders

San Diego – Four Time AFC West Champions running out of time! I have to go with history. What they do in Nov/Dec is what people remember – Contenders

National Football Conference


Chicago – Offensive line sucks! Offensive Coordinator won’t run the ball. QB’s won’t survive – Pretenders

Detroit – Young talented team still finding their way. They must keep star QB healthy – Pretenders

Green Bay – Must shift offensive attach with limited running game due to injuries. Their defense is aggressive – Contenders

Minnesota – The Quarterback is injured, and Vikes lacks true back-up. The Running back is ready to carry the load – Pretenders


Atlanta – Solid in all three phases. Good QB play with weapons in backfield and on edges – Contenders

Carolina – Two headed monster at running back, Pro Bowl receiver in Steve Smith, Inconsistent defense, marginal QB play – Pretenders

New Orleans – Teams are giving them their best shot every week, but the defending Super Bowl Champs will finish strong – Contenders

Tampa Bay – Young elite QB, adequate O-line, developing receivers with scrappy defense – Pretenders


Dallas – UNDERACHEIVERS! Roster stocked with talent, but penalties and turnovers killing them – Pretenders

New York Giants – Machine is starting to roll, if it picks up speed the NFC EAST is in trouble – Contenders

Philadelphia – Tag team QB issues. The defense is playing well enough to win it all – Contenders

Washington – Has the best combination of talent on both sides of the ball. Good chemistry down the stretch – Contenders


Arizona – Kurt Warner retired and the QB position is a major issue! Good running game and solid defense – Pretenders

San Francisco – In a QB driven league, they don’t have one! Best defense in the NFL, doesn’t matter because the hole has been dug too deep – Pretenders

Seattle – 221 player transactions later, number one in the division. The new Head Coach brings enthusiasm which is contagious – Contenders

St. Louis – Big Easy is Rookie of the Year, but the team lacks weapons on both sides of ball. The scrappy, attacking defense is not enough. Rams lead NFL in false starts, which is not good – Pretenders