This is the final part of my in-depth look at the rights of NFL players, Human Growth Hormone in the league and the medical treatment of the players we watch every Sunday

MLB=Middle Linebacker

ired throughout the season, the landing point of the ball gets shorter, allowing the return team a chance to push the ball up field in a return.

Instant replay: “This is what I would call a modernization of instant replay. It would take away from the coaches the challenge on scoring plays and put it in the hands of the replay assistant upstairs. That replay assistant will be required to confirm every scoring play. If he doesn’t confirm the play, obviously, the referee will review the play. The ball would be held by the umpire until he has gotten the signal that the play had been confirmed. We changed Playing Rule Proposal 3 to make it 3A. The reason we made it 3A was to make it very, very clear that the coach would not be allowed to challenge that play. I thought it was clear in 3. It became even clearer in 3A. Today, a team proposed an amendment that would become 3B and that amendment would allow for the third challenge in the event the coach gets the first two correct. That amendment passed. For an amendment to pass, you need a majority. We voted on Rule Proposal 3B, which passed. 3B is now in place and instant replay has been changed accordingly.”

Softli’s Take: The instant replay rule is a good one. It allows the coaches to keep their challenges and not waste them on a scoring play challenge. Reviewing and confirming every scoring play will not extend game time, as the replay assistant will study the scoring play. If something isn’t right, he will notify the officiating crew on the field. This could be the difference between teams going to the playoffs or staying home. In the past a score took place, but the team questioning the call might not have been able to challenge because they had no challenges left and the play is outside the two-minute review period.

Fields of green: “This is only an answer to some great advertiser who may have dreamed of changing the field color. It obviously passed, too.”

McKay went on to say, “Playing Rule Proposal No. 1 is the only one that ended up getting tabled. Otherwise, those all passed, they passed in various forms.”

Every year and every meeting brings some form of change. These changes are good for the game in my opinion and I look forward to see it put into place.

That is when football is played again.