From here on out I will be wondering (and so will the Rams fan base) which Rams team will show up to play on each and every Sunday. Will it be the Rams that laid an egg in the Motor City vs. the Detroit Lions? Or will it be the Rams that stomped the heart out of a very good San Diego Chargers football team touting the #1 Offense and the #2 defense in the NFL?

The Rams used a high pressure defense that was relentless in dissecting and dialing up blitz production (from both base defense and sub-packages). The front four applied pressure with several TE (tackle/end) stunts, allowing James Hall and Chris Long to release their desire and passion to attack the Chargers pocket passer, making Philip Rivers fold and fall like an old sequoia. An offensive attack with a very good blend of SJ39 and the Big Easy (Sam Bradford) at the helm proved to be a hard combination to beat.

The Ram receivers were running free in routes. They took complete advantage of the low safety alignment by the Chargers while attacking their secondary with a vertical passing attack. Welcome to the NFL #84!

The offensive line worked together as a cohesive unit and created holes in the line that Ford trucks can roll through. The special teams unit covered the Chargers sub-par return units like a blanket, while The Human Crash Dummy (a term of endearment for Danny Amendola) sparked this team with good return yardage.

Short term memory was the key after a blowout loss of 44-6 in Week Five in Detroit. You mull it over in your head on the plane trip home and the rest of the evening. The next day during film review you take your lumps from the coaches and peers like a man and you work to move on. Because we are all human the taste leaves your mouth so you can refocus on the next opponent, but the memory of what happened never leaves your mind.

The mind set and focus starts Monday after film review. Coach Spags addresses the team and coaching staff delivers a message. That message…keep in mind nobody else cares about us but us! The players have the day off on Tuesday and the coaches continue their march to put a solid game plan together that takes advantage of what they do best while attacking the opponents weakness. On Wednesday there is a team meeting. Coach again addresses the team and staff, giving them all a vision of the upcoming opponent and challenge ahead of them before breaking up into groups to start down the path of defeating the upcoming opponent.

What motivates a football player? Sure, it’s the pay check for some. For others it’s the love of being a gladiator. Passion and love of the game is motivation for some players, too. Whatever it is, Wednesday through Saturday and on Sunday, 53 men come together to defeat whomever is wearing the opposite color on any given day.

Beating the San Diego Chargers at the ED was a tall order for the Rams. But when you believe…when you truly believe in the message from your head coach and you go into battle 53 strong and one heartbeat, then you can get the job done. Winning is a mindset, and team work along with direction and good coaching makes for a dangerous chemistry.

Hey Rams, great team win!