My predictions for the NFC West, prior to the 2010 football season, was to crown the San Francisco 49ers as the Division Champs, followed by the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, and then St. Louis. Most, if not all teams, divide the NFL schedule into four quarters. Within each quarter are four games totaling sixteen for the season. The goal is to WIN at least two games within each quarter which leaves them with a record of 8-8, while gathering one or two more wins some were down the road, almost guaranteeing a playoff spot at 9-7 or 10-6.

As the NFL heads into the third week of play, of the first quarter the NFC West Division is really up for grabs.

Arizona Cardinals 1-1: The Redbirds limped into the ED and did just enough to squeeze by the Rams in Week One. As happy as they were, the following week the dirty birds of Atlanta, not only out played them but spanked them badly.

Seattle Seahawks 1-1: The ‘Hawks surprised the league by defeating everybody’s favorite, San Francisco, with an old fashioned butt kicking in every phase of the game. Their feel good bubble burst the following week with a loss to the Denver Broncos in Mile High.

St. Louis Rams 0-2: The Rams played a division foe in Week One – the Arizona Cardinals. Catching the Red Birds at the right time (several players injured), the Rams struggled to close the door in a two minute debacle. The lesson learned, close the door! Week Two was the team’s first road game – the Rams headed west to take on the Oakland Raiders. A Razorback by the name of Darren McFadden ran wild, and the combination of penalties and dropped interceptions dashed their hopes.

San Francisco 49ers 0-2: The trip to the Great Northwest, turned out to be the wrong type of party for the Niners. Their egos were stomped on for sixty minutes, the flight back to the Bay Area was fueled by Coach Mike Singletary’s disgust. After a lot of finger pointing, calling out players and ruffling the feathers of his coaching staff, Singletary’s 49ers welcomed the World Champs into Candle Stick on Monday night. Despite going toe to toe with the Saints, 49ers dropped a close one, starting the season with two losses.

Despite the NFC being wide open, and the 49ers digging themselves a big hole. The showing on Monday Night Football, I’m sticking with my prediction for NFC West Division Champions; San Francisco 49ers 10-6. They are the class of the division, have the most talent and depth along with the right man at the helm. Singletary not only gives the team discipline, he gives them direction in the organization as well.

Arizona – the defending NFC West Champs – will battle, but eventually will have a hard time overcoming the injury bug to their core talent, finishing 8-8. While Seattle has a new head coach in Pete Carroll, and he brings energy and excitement to Pacific Northwest, I still feel they are trying to find their identity. Seattle will fade slowly down the stretch with a lack of depth, finishing with a final record of 7-9.

This leaves the Rams to bring up the rear of the division, despite showing improvement through competitiveness and not record (5-11). I see a team that is well coached and much more physical on both side of the ball. Down in overall talent, the Rams must fill their needs in the 2011 NFL Draft, picking in the top five. Adding playmakers is the key for a quick turnover for this 30th rank team in the National Football League (NFL).