For every player evaluated, Pro or College all personnel departments have a grading chart and formula they use to separate players. The chart shown below I use to grade all players currently on the 53 man roster and practice squads, along with the top 200 collegiate players playing there final seasons. I have developed a Digital Pro Board that I will track movement throughout the NFL. Tracking the movement of players from 53 man roster, to practice squads or those put on IR (Injured Reserve) as well as Priority Free Agents, Street Free Agents, Emergency list players and or trades. Emergency player listing is extremely important and is used in case there are injury’s, which happen every game. For a player that is injured in a game, they must be replaced (blown knee’s, shoulders etc) ASAP!. Personnel Directors and General Managers look at this listing during the games once notified of major long term injuries, this allows the personnel staff quick reference so they can start calling agents immediately, these calls are made mid game if needed. Emergency players are those on the street with NFL experience, playtime and good production.

The grading chart ranges from 8.00 – 1.0. The same grading scale is used to keep continuity between College and Pro player reports, even thou the description relates to the level of play. Players are grouped by COLOR before a grade is given. A numerical grade is added for stacking purposes later. Follow your favorite players at either College or in the NFL and build your own board, and have fun attaching a Color and Grade.

College Description Pro Descrition

8.00 First pick in draft Exceptional Pro Bowl Player Elite Player

7.6 – 7.99 1st Rd Outstanding Difference Maker Top 4-5/Position

7.5 – 7.59

7.0 – 7.49

6.60 – 6.69 2nd Rd Excellent Starter Starter/Contributor

6.50 – 6.59

6.00 – 6.49 3rd Rd Good Eventual Starter Good Starter

5.60 – 5.99 4th Rd Adequate Back-up Soild Back-up

5.50 – 5.59 5th Rd Marginal Special Teams Special Teams

5.00 – 5.49 6th/7th Rd Borderline College Free Agents Priority Free Agents

3.50 Camp Player NOT FOR ROSTER Non-Priority/Emergency

2.0 Incomplete Information Need more Information

1.0 Reject Reject/Lacks NFL Skills