Week 2 in the NFL, which had some awesome games played on Sunday, wraps up when the St. Louis Rams butt heads with the New York Giants on the huge stage of Monday Night Football. Here’s my puck for tonight:

St. Louis @ New York Giants = Giants 23-17

Questions in this game;

Offensively: Will SJ39 play?? Can the offensive line protect the Big Easy, Sam Bradford, against the New York Giants front seven blitz and stunt packages? Can Brandon Gibson, Danario Alexander and Mike Sims-Walker beat Giants secondary deep outside the numbers?

Defensively: Can the Rams apply pressure with their front four?? Will they be able to stop the two-headed monster running backs in Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs? Depth in the secondary is very thin, one injury and the house of cards tumbles.

Please keep in mind, while I’m not a professional at picking winners please don’t bet the farm on my predictions. In fact, some of my media peers are saying my 11-4 (not including Monday Night Football game) prediction for Week 2 was beginners luck, but I disagree. There was a lot of thought that went into my predictions. I know the league as far as personnel goes, and I continue to watch game tapes off my DVR via NFL Network (what a great channel!). I use the most current injury history, take into account the scheme played on both sides of the ball and the trends of the coaches over the years in certain situations. I don’t get enamored with statistics even though I study them. That can be very misleading, giving wrong results especially quarterback rating. It is hard to win on the road in the NFL, so home field does give the home team some advantage.

A few of the games on Sunday were decided early. Others went down to the wire. While Arizona and Washington was an entertaining the Raiders-Bills might have been the best game of the day. These two teams went back and forth in the fourth quarter. Each team made big plays, with Buffalo winning on a 4-1 inside the five-yard line to go 2-0 for the first time in several years.

Here are the rest of Sunday’s games in the NFL, along with my picks:

Chicago @ New Orleans = Saints – New Orleans 30-13

Kansas City @ Detroit = Lions – Detroit 48-3

Jacksonville @ New York Jets = Jets – NYJ 32-3

Oakland @ Buffalo = Raiders – Buffalo 35-38

Arizona @ Washington = Cardinals – Washington 22-21

Baltimore @ Tennessee = Ravens – Tennessee 26-13

Seattle @ Pittsburgh = Steelers – Seattle 24-0

Green Bay @ Carolina = Packers – Green Bay 30-23

Tampa Bay @ Minnesota = Buccaneers – Tampa Bay 24-20

Cleveland @ Indianapolis = Colts – Cleveland 27-19

Dallas @ San Francisco = Cowboys – Dallas 27-24

Houston @ Miami = Texans – Houston 23-13

San Diego @ New England = Patriots – New England 35-21

Cincinnati @ Denver = Broncos – Denver 24-22

Philadelphia @ Atlanta = Falcons – Atlanta 35-31