I started my Coaching career in Issaquah, WA. (Issaquah 89ers little league). I also coached for Sammamish H.S., the Seattle Cavilers, Eastside Express (Semi-pro), Flyde Falcons (Blackpool England), University Of Washington, and was in player personnel with the Carolina Panthers (Scout, Director of College Scouting 11 years) and St. Louis Rams (VP Player Personnel 4 years).

In every step of the way player evaluation is extremely important. In the NFL and all professional leagues, making sure the coaching staff and personnel department speak the same language in meetings, writing reports, and evaluating players DNA (film), is key to the success of the total evaluation process.

For all you Fantasy football owners, football junkies, and all those females that know the NFL better than their husbands, listed below are positional definitions that will help you speak the language of a professional scout, when breaking down a position. This is Football 101 – from the front office perspective.


Leadership: Natural born leader that commands respect.

Poise: Composure and the ability to perform under pressure situations; courage.

Judgment: Field vision and not forcing balls into double coverage.

Clutch: Ability and confidence to consistently deliver big plays under pressure.

Defense Recognition: Pre snap defensive reads, finding primary and secondary receivers, blitz recognition, ability to audible or change play at LOS; coverage recognition on the move.

Set-up: Quickness to release from under Center into 3, 5, 7 step drops with mobility and foot quickness with balance.

Pocket awareness: Feel pocket pressure; slide; strength in pocket

Drop: Punch step, Anchor step; chin on shoulder for backside awareness

Delivery: Rhythm and timing very important; Weight transfer 18-24 inch balance zone; Feet

Release: Type of release (over ear, side arm, pitcher release etc); live arm; anticipation and timing, get ball out fast; palm of hand goes to target on follow through; Throw from different platforms.

Arm Strength: Spin and velocity; turn out zip; deep ball passer with lower body explosion

Accuracy Short: Accuracy over arm strength; Catch able balls thrown were defenders can’t make a play

Accuracy Long: Stick it on receiver, hit receiver in stride deep

Touch Short/Long: Throwing all types of passing variations; trajectory; ability to spin ball while taking off some strength.

Escapability: Mobility in pocket to elude and avoid; hitch, hitch slide and throw.

Run Ability: Ability to run down hill with production; Big Play runner; YAC.

Ball Handler: Footwork; faking; hold for pat/Fg; hands and dexterity.

Hand Size: Larger the better.

Voice: Strength & Clarity.

Production: Performance

Clock Management:

Toughness: Most unprotected player on the field;

Mental Toughness: Ability to take hard coaching; criticism from Media and Teammates

Football Intelligence: Student of the game Film/Notes, FBI and read/reaction quickness with ability to process fast with good decision making results

Protections: Ability to feel and know were pressure is coming from


Initial Quickness: Quick start out of stance with burst/acceleration both laterally and POA.

Run Instincts: Vision in/out of hole; read/reaction to blocking; nose for the goal line.

Inside Run: Quickness to press LOS; burst and acceleration through the hole; BYOB; pad level; strength/explosion; balance; effort; Power; slasher; pick and slide; upright and high knee; short yardage runner; production.

Outside Run: Lateral quickness with speed to turn corner; big play speed; gear change; cutting ability; elude; production; vision; balance and body control.

Elusiveness: Vision; ability to make free defender miss in open/tight space; quickness in cutting in tight space; string consecutive moves together in a single play.

Speed: Straight line; one gear with no build up acceleration; break away threat.

Fumbler: Why; Courage; Careless; in/out of traffic; physical make up, carries ball outside frame.

Routes: Avoid defender; type (cross, out, swing etc); gathers self; quickness out of break with separation from defender; rounds; ability to beat 1/1 defender in tight/open space; FBB look for Texas route!

Adjust: Flexibility; adjust to poorly thrown balls.

Hands: Natural receiving skills, Soft or hard; extends with arms; body catcher; snatcher.

Run after Catch: Elusiveness; vision in open space; playmaker; catch in a crowd; production.

Blocking: Pass and Run blocking attitude and temperament, 3-points of contact; S/E; lead blocker; pass blocking; blocking on the move; toughness; aggressiveness; willingness; Quickness from A – B points

Break Tackles: YAC; strength and toughness; exploding at POA; natural run instincts.

Durability: Stamina; endurance; injury history for position.

Special Teams: Coverage ability; return skills; pass.

Size: OH Weight 220or higher; Height 6000 or shorter; Smaller the OH the faster and more elusive he needs to be; FBB Weight 260 ideal; Height 6000-6020

Lower body: Large thighs with lower body S/E; powerful hips

YAC: Yards gained on his own

FBB: Number one priority – Block/Catch; Look for Linebacker conversion;

Protections: Smart; FBI; full understanding of scheme and offense;


Start: Quickness and explosiveness out of stance.

Initial quickness: Initial movement of stance.

Release: Hand combat and escapability off LOS to avoid and beat defender; strength/explosion against bump and run; body language and head fake

UOH: Slap and avoid; punch

Burst/Acceleration: Increase acceleration into route.

Speed: Playing speed in pads; one speed; long strider; gear change with acceleration; short strider.

Concentration: Courage in a crowd, across the middle; running alone;

Routes: Stride; speed and quickness in/out of cuts; sharp; round; gear down in space.

Separation: Quickness out of break from defender; speed to run away in space; create space.

Catching Ability: Make the tough catch; body catcher; extend arms outside frame

Ball Reaction: Reaction quickness

Ball Skills: Find and adjust to ball in flight; track on the move; finish.

Toughness: Ability to want and make the tough catch

Adjustments: Physical adjustment; over shoulders; high and low; under thrown; jumping ability.

Hands: Hard/soft; sure; double catcher; snap at balls

Run after Catch: Vision; burst/acceleration; playmaker; elusiveness in space; production.

Durability: Stamina/Endurance; injury history for position.

Blocking: Effort; physical toughness; aggressiveness; willingness

Special Teams: Return skills (KOR/PR); coverage ability; holder.

BIG Play: Clutch player; wants the ball; fades under pressure;

Courage: Make tough catch across the middle; in a crowd;


Speed: Pad playing speed; stride; foot quickness.

Initial quickness: Movement out of stance to attack or avoid defender

Hands: Hard/soft; extend arms; body catcher.

Catching Ability: Release to avoid defender; adjust on the move; concentration to frame the ball; jumping ability.

Route: Separation from defender; vertical stretch; strider; burst/acceleration out of cut.

Running Ability: Elusiveness; straight liner; break tackles; deep threat.

Toughness: Mentally and physically to play inside; Durability.

Blocking: Inline to bend and hold base; balance; Ankle flex; effort; second level; aggressiveness; toughness; explosion; balance; On the move from FBB position; Finish; Strong UOH; Finisher! Combination blocker in/out zone.

Production: Blocker and Receiver.

Football Intelligence: FBI, Student of the game Film/Notes

Coverage recognition: Understand and read coverage’s on the move


Inline: Quickness off ball; initial strength and explosion; sustain; foot and hand quickness; balance; cut-off; reach; seal; scoop.

Second Level: Quickness to linebacker and downfield blocking skills.

Pass Blocking: Foot quickness to slide and remain frontal of defender; hand punch; quickness to pass set; solid anchor; base/leverage; Insure balance; knee & ankle bend; play lower then defender.

Explosion: Uncoil; Pad Level; Hip Sink.

p class=”MsoNormal” style=”margin: 0in 0in 0pt;”>Adjust/Recovery: Position & turn defender; maintain contact; quickness to position and sustain; drive; wall off.

Pull/Trap: Short; quickness; body control; long; mobility in space; adjust on the run; ability to attack target in space with production.

Recovery: Regain position; inside move; mirror; outside move; foot quickness.

Deep Snapper: Pat/Fg and Punt snap ability.

Arm Length: 34 inches or longer


Football Instincts: Smart intelligent football players with good FBI and Key and diagnose; nose for the ball; Eyes with read and reaction; proper angles.

Student of the game: In-season and out-season study habits, Film/Notes

Ability against the run: Down hill backers first with Force and contain to attack LOS; fill; defeat and shed; lateral quickness; agility; strength and explosion; second effort; pursuit.

Lateral movement: First step; foot quickness; slide; clears feet; range; redirect.

Leverage: Knee bend and strike; short area explosion; ability to dominate blocker.

UOH: Stack and control blocker; strong punch/UOH to separate quick release; slip/slide off blocks.

Tackling: Effectiveness; explosive and sure; wrap-up; inside and in space; hard strike; grab; arm.

Man/Zone Coverage: Man coverage vs. TE, OH, FB; Zone awareness of ball and receiver

Sub-Package: Nickel/Dime backers;

Outside run: Take on; angle; protect legs; movement over trash.

Tightend Play: dominate TE;

Pass Drop and Cover: Man to man coverage; Natural in drops; COD and close; acceleration out of turn; awareness of both receiver and ball in space; hands; progression; discipline; hip turn; mirror; route recognition; depth; plant and close on ball/man; burst out of break with fluidness; hands; hard or soft.

Blitz 2pt/3pt: Timing anticipation and quickness; natural instinctive movement; COD; effectiveness; burst; speed and quickness to turn corner; close off block; speed to power on OT up field shoulder; stunts.

Special Teams: Coverage ability.


Instincts: Key and diagnose; instinctive reactions; playing awareness; ball skills; production.

Football Intelligence: Smart, student of the game; Film Study/Note;

Communicator: Signals and vocal communication

Speed: Quick feet; turn and run deep ability; burst to close with acceleration.

Pedal: Foot quickness/speed; smooth hip transition; struggle in/out of transition; COD with burst; stem and adjust to receiver routes; maintain cushion and accelerate pedal

Plant/Burst: Body control and balance in plant; transition smooth without hesitation; initial burst to close on ball and receiver in space.

Pursuit: Relentless chase and pursuit with production.

Pass Coverage: Instinctive man to man coverage vs. TE and 3rd receiver; Awareness in zone coverage of ball and receiver; back pedal; foot quickness; press ability with UOH; mirror receiver short and deep; awareness of both ball and receiver in open and tight space; closing quickness; range; jumping ability; reaction quickness; catch-up speed and overall quickness; proper angles.

Range: Speed to edge, deep ball coverage

Hands: Soft or hard; ball hawking skills at highest point

Run Support: Reaction; Force; strong tackling skills; Willingness; Play off blockers; toughness; production.

Tackling: Arrows through snow; accelerate through contact; effectiveness; sink hips shorten stride with eyes through numbers with face up and wrap; explosive; big hitter; space player; drag down arm tackler.

Special Teams: Coverage skills; ability to block punts and PATD/FG.

Blitz: Natural body balance and control to elude on the move; avoid with relentless effort.

Press DC: Arm Length, Foot quickness with step and replace, WIN at LOS, aggressive competitive nature; S/E at LOS with strong UOH; Natural ball skills and peek, track ability; Stay on Top of the route; Lean and locate on Mirror; Don’t want bad swagger or always slipping

Nickle/Dime DC: Corner skills + Intelligence and exceptional FBI with a better feel for the game:


Against the run: Defeat blocks neutralize and explode into blocker; defeat double team to attack post and work thru tackle; shed on the move; stack and control POA; press off generate power.

Instincts: Feel blocks and react; nose for making plays inside box.

Lateral movement: First step quickness; slide and ability to get skinny; clear feet

and work through trash; COD and redirect

Short Area Quickness: Burst and acceleration off block, closing distance

Leverage/Explosion: Plays behind pads; good knee bend; ability to dominate, square shoulders and gain ground with penetration; lower body explosion

Pursuit/Range: Intensity; relentless; sacrifices body; chase with speed.

Tackling: Effectiveness; explosive; arm; wrap-up; run through; inline/open field; COD and breakdown.