With the next round of mediated talks between the NFL and NFLPA starting Thursday, the NFL revealed some positive news Tuesday about a season that could be hanging by a thread with the announcement of the preseason schedule.in college with no character issues and was the son of a Navy Seal. There was nobody that would speak badly of him. Carruth’s career started out extremely promising, but took a hard turn for the worse. Injuries left him with too much time on his hands. He is currently is serving out an 18-year prison term for ordering a hit on his girlfriend who was pregnant. He will always be remembered as one of the league’s worst nightmares.

There are many more players that I could write about, but here are more from the last 15 years that many of you will remember for all the wrong reasons: QB Joey Harrington, Oregon/Detroit; QB Tim Couch, Kentucky/Cleveland; WR R. Jay Soward, USC/Jacksonville; QB David Carr, Fresno State/Houston; DT Wendell Bryant, Wisconsin/Minnesota; WR Charles Rogers, Michigan/Detroit; CB Adam Jones, West Virginia/Tennessee; QB JaMarcus Russell, Louisiana State/Oakland; WR Peter Warrick, Florida State/Cincinnati.