I wanted to wait and let the dust settle for a few days and really let my blood pressure come back to normal. Spy-Gate II, are you kidding me!!!! A disciple or clone of Bill Belichick, Josh McDaniels, took the blueprint from the Northeast to the Mile High city of Denver Colorado. He set up shop and hired Mr. Scarnecchia, former video guru that was responsible for the video taping of practices and games from the sideline while he was an employee for New England Patriots.

Scarnecchia was a pawn, in the chess game of cheating within the NFL. Josh McDaniel’s was quoted in a Friday staff meeting as saying, “In New England it was practiced and coached.” What was practiced? How did they coach it? Who coached it? I’m assuming he was talking about the videotaped methods used to capture opponents’ formations, hand signals, and personnel groupings before and during games.

The bottom line – what was the reasoning for the act of cheating that you couldn’t see on film? How many ways do they give the ball to Frank Gore; Record all the strategic innovations of the 49ers game plan all within six minutes; Patrick Willis is a dynamic football player; Vernon Davis is a freak athlete??? Come On!

It is an old cliché “if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.” That is a tired and fruitless, meaningless statement. That is like saying lying is ok, please make it a part of your personality. With cheating and lying comes penalties and circumstances that effect everyone from ownership, coaches, players, employees, and the fan base not to mention, Vegas.

How do you really justify the act and penalize those involved from the top down? In Spy-Gate I, the New England Patriots were fined 500,000 and Belichick was fined 500,000. The organization had a draft pick taken away. While the embarrassment to the league still lingers, the ownership group of New England Patriots laughed it off behind closed doors. They understood the Super Bowls won and games won would never be taken away from them. Besides, what’s money to a billionaire owner and millionaire coach? Losing a draft pick, so what – you can trade up and get back in the round.

For the illegal taping that took place a month ago in London’s Wembley stadium. Josh McDaniels was fined 50,000 dollars. The owner of the Denver Broncos was fined 50,000 dollars as well, but draft picks were not taken away – because the incident was self-reported to the league office (despite a 10 day period before they notified the league).

First, Scarnecchia should never work another NFL club in any capacity. If he worked for IBM, Microsoft, Boeing or any other Fortune 500 company he would not get a sniff on another job opportunity. Second, this is an embarrassment to the National Football League, and a slap in the face the fan base that turns young men into wealthy men quickly. The NFL owners should take more stringent measures in policing themselves, and once caught cheating all evidence should be laid out for the public to see, and for other teams to see. Start with a million dollar fine, a loss of their franchise (the NFL pushed Ed DeBartolo out for a relationship with gamblers). Take games away or don’t allow the team to participate in the post season, like they do to colleges on probation. Third, coaches not only should be fined but suspended for several games depending on the severity of the penalty. And last, the organization should lose multiple draft picks starting with their first rounder.

Accountability for cheating needs to be set in stone, within the bi-laws of the National Football League, with harsh repercussions. The bottom line physiological response until then ……DENY, DENY, DENY!