Steven Jackson, better known as SJ39 in the Missouri area codes. The St. Louis Rams running back is a thorn in the side of all defensive coordinators, along with creating havoc for the players that have to face, and defend him each and every Sunday between the lines. He stands 6-2 242 pounds with 5% body fat and is a violent man. SJ39 has very good combination of speed and power, with inside and outside running skills, along with natural receiving skills. He will be a major focal point for the NFL’s number two defense of the San Diego Chargers, which is headed to the LOU on Sunday.

SJ39 has led the NFL since 2006 with total yards from the line of scrimmage. He is looking forward to unleashing his wrath on the NFL in 2010 with the same production, despite injury. Sunday brings a much different challenge.

The San Diego Chargers limp into the ED with a 2-3 record after a tight loss to the Oakland Raiders. While playing good at home their inability to win on the road is slowly setting this AFC West power house back in division standings. San Diego proudly touts the number one offense and the number two defense, with a poor and inconsistent special teams unit. The Chargers are loaded with play makers and difference makers on both sides of the ball and several return specialists that have game breaking ability. The difference in this teams overall record is the big plays that were given up on special teams. The coverage units lack the ability to breakdown in space, with poor and inconsistent tackling skills, wrap and finish.

But the question I have is can SJ39 break Eric Dickerson’s rushing record and become Rams All-Time leading rusher against the NFL’s number two defense on Sunday in the LOU. A defense that has only allowed 106 point in five games. Held all opponents to 86.4 average rushing yards per game, 3.8 yard per carry average and only 2 rushing touchdowns. The challenge is laid on the offensive line of the Rams and offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, to put the power running back in position to make plays while allowing Sam Bradford to pick his moments and spread the ball around.

SJ39 needs 141 rushing yards to become the all-time leading rusher in Rams history, which includes all Rams teams; Cleveland (1937-1945), Los Angeles (1946-1979) Anaheim/Los Angeles (1980-1994) and St. Louis Rams (1995-present). The list is long of great running backs, Hall of Famers and distinguished names. The man at the top and all-time leading rusher, Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson, and others like Willie Ellison, Ollie Matson, Cullen Bryant, John Capalletti, Lawrence McCutcheon, Dick Bass, Greg Bell, Jerome Bettis, Charles White, Wendell Tyler and you can’t forget the huge storied backfield of Dick Hoener, Paul Tank Younger and Dan Deacon Towler. All of these running backs were great in their era, and know SJ39 is staged and ready to chisel his name on the Rams tablet of football lore, with several more years to ramble.

It is enviable that he will become the Rams all-time leader, but I’m not sure it will happen this weekend against a high power defense, that plays with controlled chaos, eight in the box and has athletes that run and hit. If anybody is up for the challenge, it’s SJ39.