We do live in America – the land of the free and home of the brave, where freedom of speech is taught at a very young age. It is encouraged throughout childhood, from parents, coaches, teachers, professors and religious leaders. Now that you’re an adult (age 18 or older) and can speak your mind about politics, weather, government and sports, try to have an idea on what the hell you’re talking about.

While listening to a nationally syndicated radio show I heard callers drilling the host on the Brett Favre situation. It was nuts and quite disturbing. For all of you that wanted Brett back in uniform, it’s OK for you to question his sexual harassment issues and possibly not want to wear his jersey on Sunday or ever again. It is OK for those of you that just don’t believe that Brett could ever have done any of this and you refuse to believe it. That’s your opinion. And those of you that have daughters and want him hung up by his thumbs for such a sick and twisted act, slow down.

This rumor has been floating around the league since 2010 training camp. The young lady involved is Jenn Sterger, the Jets reporter who allegedly received racy messages and lewd photos from NFL quarterback Brett Favre via text messages.

I had no idea of the underground texting world, so I did some research. They call it ‘sexting,’ the act of sending, receiving or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photos, or images via cell phone, computer, IPad or other digital devices. The messages, photos, and images sent are also across the internet through email and many of the social networking websites. Talking with several of my law enforcement connections around the United States, this is a growing problem. This behavior is a serious concern at an alarming rate in society which includes and doesn’t eliminate the NFL.

The term was established circa 2005 and is a portmanteau of sex and texting, which means sending a text with images. This madness first involved our nation’s teenagers sending explicit photos not of others, but of themselves to boyfriends or girlfriends and their peers. Several teenagers who texted these types of images were charged with distribution of child pornography. Several anti-child pornography laws were created to address and handle this growing social issue among today’s youth.

The advancement of computer technology has brought forth a new and wild social interaction with sexual content, messages, and photos. In this situation, Brett Favre finds himself in is a social danger zone, not in an end zone. He finds himself in a situation in which the information he sent has been widely propagated. He finds himself in a situation in which he has no control of the material after he pushed ‘send.’ When a website pays for the photos, they hold the cards on what happens next. Brett must stand up and quietly make this go away, either thru agreement, cash settlement payment, or public acknowledgement. The breakdown in front of Minnesota Vikings teammates Saturday night was real and heart felt. Some are saying the elbow injury Favre surfaced after the Monday night loss against to the New York Jets, might be window dressing and a better excuse for retirement, then the sexting scandal.

Is this the way Brett Favre will end his storied NFL career? If he did this act of transferring photos along with messages to the named victim as a sexual act then he should be punished like any other person and not given a pass. The bottom line, when you lay down with dogs you should expect fleas.