On Friday, the Rams’ franchise quarterback Sam Bradford split reps with backup A.J. Feeley. His short-area movement skills were smooth and consistent. He did short drops from the shotgun position with weight transfer from his plant foot to his post leg with ease and gained confidence on every rep.

His anticipation and timing with all receivers down field and outside the numbers was sharp and very accurate. He also connected with running backs as if has been at the helm the past two weeks.

When coach Steve Spagnuolo was asked about Bradford, he said; “He came out. He was limited in practice. He got a few plays here and there. Some things we kept him out of, some things we let them go. So now the deal is let’s see how it is tomorrow after getting a little bit more work. Take it one day at a time and see where we’re at on Sunday. That’s just about exactly where we are on that.”

While Bradford’s status remains questionable, he was somewhat more upbeat on his health. Spagnuolo and head trainer Reggie Scott will do what they think is right for Bradford and his future. In my opinion, this injury to Bradford while minor, is a blessing in disguise. They have learned that Feeley is more than capable of running the offense and does a good job of managing the game with production and leadership. He has been productive in the red zone and has not turned the ball over a high percentage of the time.

The hope is that Bradford is healthy enough to play. If not, the coaches, organization and fan base feel blessed and extremely confident in Feeley to bring home the team’s first divisional win, on the road against the Arizona Cardinals.