While writing my column on the eve of the NFL countdown, my big screen blasting Dave Matthews Band, entertainment was at its best and it feels like football. As I struggled to keep my mind on the task at hand, while watching famous Grand Pa Elliott singing on Bourbon Street, I started singing my own creative version of ” Are you ready for some football” by my man Hank Williams Jr; “Are you ready for some football, a Thursday night party, a battle of two NFC teams in the Naleans (New Orleans) it’s time to get this season started, here come the hits and collisions on Brees and Farve, defenses are coming after them tonight, I ask you are you ready for a Hurricane, a Poor Boy Sandwich, Al and Collinsworth make the call, the rest of the cast pull off the show, it a Thursday night football party, are you ready for some football, the rest of the NFL is watching tonight! OK OK I know, don’t quite my day job, my song writing skills suck, and you should have heard my singing. As Drew Brees was throwing a touchdown pass to Devery Henderson to take a 7-0 lead over the Vikings and Brett Favare, it is time for my 2010 NFL predictions. Below are my predictions for each Division. It will be a very interesting year, ball bouncing here and there, fumbles interceptions and record setting production. Are you read for some football?


Packers 12-4, Vikings 10-6, Bears 8-8, Lions 7-9


REdskins 10-6, Cowboys 10-6, Eagles 9-7 Giants 8-8


Saints 11-5, Falcons 9-7, panthers 6-10, bucs 5-11


49ers 10-6, Cardinals 9-7, Seattle 7-9, Rams 5-11

AFC North

Ravens 12-4, bengals 9-7, steelers 8-8, browns 5-11


JEts 11-5, patriots 9-7, dolphins 8-8, bills 4-12

afc south

colts 12-4, titans 9-7, texans 8-8, jaguars 7-9,

afc west

chargers 10-6, raiders 8-8, cheifs 7-9, broncos 6-10

afc title game = ravens defeat colts

nfc title game = packers defeat saints

super bowl – ravens defeat packers