A casting company will start the search and hold auditions for the role of a legendary football coach who had 400-plus collegiate victories stretching over six decades , at a college that was uncontaminated and dirt free from NCAA violations, had no scandals with an immaculate reputation, and sparkling in rich tradition. While this coach’s achievement will go down as one of the best in all sports, the tarnish placed on his trophy of accomplishments is nothing compared to the black eye he will wear for the rest of his life for the negligent decision to not do the right thing.

Other actors will be sought out to play the lead role as the defensive coordinator that is accused of child sexual abuse over a 15-year period while running a charitable organization. Other characters include a young graduate assistant coach who is developing as one of the key witnesses and characters in the movie, along with at least eight child actors that grew to adult actors during this film and will play the role of the victims.

There will be casting notices for other supporting actors: An athletics director, university president, senior vice president, and a handful of lawyers, prosecutors and judges to make up a grand jury. There will be many twists and turns as the plot thickens, with the district attorney disappearing midway through the movie, which points to corruption from the top down involving members of law enforcement including private detectives, and campus and local police. It has government officials revealing phone records, text messages and e-mails; a true cover-up from the top down.

There will be backdrops and staging of a community and small-town setting along with a university campus full of secondary actors to fill roles at football games, community living and protesting. It will be a dynamic story line, with murder, suicide, sexual abuse, love, hate, corruption and a scandal that may lead to the victims possibly becoming scapegoats. The brutal truth is what the director will push for from the first scene to the rolling of the credits.

While this movie is not yet rated, for sure it will yield blockbuster returns on the opening weekend. I suggest that all the proceeds from this horror flick be donated to sexually abused children throughout the country.