The NFL Draft has evolved into a spectacular offseason extravaganza for the National Football League and its fans. The event has seven rounds and lasts for three days. Day one is dedicated to the first round only, day two coverage is for the second and third rounds, and day three is the final day, featuring rounds four through seven.ent with seventeen rounds, held in the fall./strong>


Type:nt-family: “>l” style=”margin: 0in 0in 0pt;”>Durability: Stamina; endurance; injury history for position.

Special Teams: Coverage ability; return skills; pass.

Size: Halfback; weight 220or higher; height 6-0 or shorter; smaller the halfback the faster and more elusive he needs to be. Blocking fullback; weight 260 ideal; height 6-0 to 6-2.

Lower body: Large thighs with lower body strength and explosion; powerful hips.

YAC: Yards after contact.

Fullback/blocker: No. 1 priority: block/catch; look for linebacker or tight end conversion; Texas route; dump route over the middle.

Protections: Smart; football instincts; full understanding of blocking scheme and offensive protections.

Initial quickness: Movement out of stance to attack or avoid defender.

Hands: Hard/soft; extend arms; body catcher.

Catching Ability: Release to avoid defender; adjust on the move; concentration to frame the ball; jumping ability.

Route: Separation from defender; vertical stretch; strider; burst/acceleration out of cut.

Running Ability: Elusiveness; straight liner; break tackles; deep threat.

Toughness: Mentally and physically to play inside; durability.

Blocking: Inline to bend and hold base; balance; ankle flex; effort; second level; aggressiveness; toughness; explosion; on the move from fullback or wing position; strong use of hands; finisher, combination blocker in/out zone.

Production: Blocker and receiver.

Football Intelligence: FBI, student of the game; watch film/take notes.

Coverage recognition: Understand and read coverages on the move.

hree NFL veterans. Peterson is a sure tackler in both tight and open space. He hasly: “>

Doty went on to say “the league breached its agreement.” He has ordered that a hearing be scheduled to determine damages owed to the union or whether an injunction be implemented to prevent the league from receiv ing the television money. This hearing has not yet been scheduled and the chance of this happening before the expiration of the Collective Bargaining Agreement is unlikely.

Judge Doty is not new to the labor issues between these two sides. He has presided over the NFL and the NFLPA’s issues for the last 19 years. According to several sources, the NFLPA wants the money set aside in an escrow account until both sides have come to a new agreement.

While the judge has favored the workers for most of his reign, the NFL and its owners have worked hard to remove him from any and all proceedings, believing he will rule against them because of his track record over the years.

First, he ordered that “the court adopts the special master’s recommendation for relief, as there is no objection to these findings and recommendations before the court. Secondly, the court overrules the special master’s findings as to the NFL’s breach of the SSA (Stipulation & Settlement Agreement) relating to its contracts with DirectTV, CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN and holds that the NFL breached the SSA as to those contracts. Third, the court orders that a hearing be held concerning relief to be granted to the NFLPA and its members from the NFL’s breach of the SSA. The hearing shall consider the award of both money damages and equitable relief, including injunction.”

This is a huge score for the union. Now the ball has been kicked back off to the owners. I’m sure the ownership group of the NFL was expecting this, and they will make adjustments to the press coverage they currently face.

With this decision, the NFLPA will come with an all-out blitz in negotiating, applying pressure on the pocket with time running out. The owners must dial up the right play, their best play with only minutes remaining.

They can audible at the line of scrimmage and appeal Judge Doty’s ruling, or they can survey the field, weighing their options before the play clock runs out. The NFL needs to run its best play, or in this case make the union their best offer. The only other option is to call timeout and change their negotiating tactics or allow the clock to run out and take their chances in overtime/lockout.

There are two days left before the clock hits zero. Let’s hope that once this game is over both sides come together in the middle of the field, shake hands and announce that a deal has been struck

Let’s hope.