RAMS can On the way to becoming one of the most honored defensive players in college football history in 2009.

Today as the starting defensive tackle (three technique aligning over OG), he is demanding a double team and triple team as well. In the first quarter of this young season, the man called Suh has tallied thirteen tackles and three sacks. He has shown dominance at times with quickness out of stance, strong and powerful UOH (use of hands) to stack and steer at the POA (point of attack). Is explosive to toss blockers, while battling with good finish. For a big man he has displayed lateral chase and pursuit to work over and around trash. He has the relentless motor to run and chase to the second level with production.

This big man has the presence and tools to develop into a dominate football player with years to come. The Rams will need to beware of this young player in the middle by the name of Suh, he might send a message through his play on his disappointment of not being picked number one overall.