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London Diaries: Final Days

As the Rams wrapped up their final day of practice for the week at the Grove Estates on Friday, they were treated by a visit from actor Kevin Costner, who was like a kid in a candy store. On the coldest day of the week Costner...

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London diaries: Day 3

Rams practice on Thursday attracted several more media members, and while standing at practice you could feel the enthusiasm and excitement building among players and coaches. With three days remaining, the players sense the...

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London diaries: Day 2

On Wednesday the Rams went back to work, it was business as usual for coaches and players alike. But this day was not only about getting back in the routine of meetings and practice sessions; it was about the “jet...

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London diaries: Day 1

I tip my fedora to Kevin Demoff, Jeff Fisher, Bruce Warwick and the entire organization for what has been a flawless trip across the pond to the UK (United Kingdom). I know a lot of you are asking, what’s the big deal?...

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