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2013 NFL Draft Recap

At the conclusion of every NFL Draft, It is extremely important to step back and let the smoke clear and the dust settle before analyzing team selections. After a few days, I start with team-by-team picks; take a look at overall...

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2013 NFL DRAFT News & Notes

As predicted, the 2013 NFL Draft was one of … unpredictability. It started with the Kansas City Chiefs keeping their cards close to the vest until the end, as they ultimately selected Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric...

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Softli’s Final 2013 NFL Mock Draft

The NFL draft is like a snowflake, insofar as each and every one is different and can’t be compared to past versions. And while the draft is always a true projection, the 2013 draft has the potential to be more unpredictable –...

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Softli’s 2013 Mock Draft

The first step in the postseason talent evaluation process begins as soon as the teams are eliminated from playoff contention. After the postseason bowl games, combine and spring workouts are complete, all NFL clubs are allowed...

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Top 5 Tight Ends in 2013 NFL Draft

The position of tight end has changed over the years for several reasons. First, the landscape of college football has placed a heavy emphasis on spread offenses. The tight end position is moving from the traditional in-line...

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