Pocket passer with good size, marginal speed and sluggish COD as a down field runner.  Operates from the shot gun a high percentage of this snags but is very comfortable and natural from traditional.  Strong arm to make all the throws for the next level with very good velocity.  Great field vision and the ability to squeeze it into the window, over the top with very good touch and accuracy.  Has a quick over ear release and can throw from several platforms, inconsistent to transfer weight. Good to stand in pocket under pressure, eyes down field reading coverage’s and works to climb the pocket.  Good play action fake.  Good foot work on 3, 5, 7 step drop or short set in shot gun.  Good production rolling right and left.  Very good short to intermediate passer and excellent in red zone.  Limited in escape and avoid, takes too many sacks.  Sources say he is a great leader and team captain.  Sat out 2011 & 2012 because of NCAA transfer rules.  Lacks ability to slide and escape consistent pressure.