Very good A/A QABS and COD.  Athletic skill set was on full display during the combine workouts.  Highly competitive and at times over aggressive which defenders take advantage.  Has nasty in play to pin and pancake defender into the ground.  Good pass blocker with UOH to punch breast plate with very good feet to slide laterally and remain frontal of defender.  Good anchor but base is narrow, plays with leverage, will cross over to catch up with edge player after beat on up field shoulder.  Inconsistent vs. bull rush allows defender to run down the numbers, will need further S/E through weight room development.  Good feet to slide back inside to defeat counter move when beat across face.  Has sleek lower body built like a TE.  Blocker that feet die on contact at times, works to restart and finish.  Will be best in zone blocking scheme.  In a few games he was out of control grabbing face mask, punching players and seemed out of control which could be a Red Flag to many teams.


C – Character; Off the field assault with possible anger management issues