A true Blue player and difference maker.  Excellent A/A QABS and COD quickness.  Very good FBI and read reaction quickness.  Exceptional body balance and control to play above the defender with adjust and contort.  A true hands catcher reminds me of Chris Carter, can pluck, snag, snatch.  Hands are soft and sure.  Aligns in multiple spots 3×1, single WR 2×1, bubble screens, outside 2×1.  Exceptional RAC skill set with burst and acceleration to reach top end speed quickly.  Very good vision in space, limited elusiveness defies angles with speed.  Competitive and tough with YAC production to drop shoulder and collision past defender and is always falling forward on finish.  Will need route running refinement for the next level.  HAs good shake off LOS vs. Man press will need further UOH slap and go development.  Whomever lands this prospect…WOW!