Underclassmen that plays bigger then measured.  Good A/A, size is adequate and could be an issue at the next level.  A dual threat QB who put up very good numbers and earned a Heisman trophy for his exciting style, production and big plays which come from pocket extension. Is elusive and productive in space with speed to defy angles and out run defensive backs.  Right armed QB with high percentage of snaps from shot gun with production running the read option.  Throws from several different platforms, falling backwards, one legged and jump passes with accuracy.  Very good pocket awareness and escapability to duck, twist and hoop over blockers to slide and avoid and throw on the run.  Manziel is in his comfort zone throwing on the move outside of the pocket.  Accuracy is good not great, likes to throw to an area allowing big receivers to make a play on the ball, production soars on splatter situations.  Flashed ability to squeeze into a window and stick it on the receiver from the pocket and rolling out.  Adequate arm strength.  My main concern is his ability to consistently make all the throws needed to win games from the pocket.   He is not better then Russell Wilson or Drew Brees, despite PR and marketing department efforts to push the comparison, while short QB’s are having success in the NFL.

C – Issues off the field need to be investigated, is not a criminal but beats to his own drum too often.  Will 52 men follow his leadership?