Motor and effort was much different in 2012 compared to 2013, I cant answer that but I know one thing Clowney is an excellent athlete with QABS, COD quickness and explosive first step burst.  Good FBI and read reaction quickness to read blocking scheme to wrong arm and defeat pulling OG.  Very good awareness in tight and open space in zone drops.  Excellent toughness and production in chase and pursuit from backside to rap around QB drop zone with production or continued burst with second effort to dive for ball carriers outside of the box.  DE that hunts like a linebacker.  Excellent pass rusher that is slightly stiff in hips but flips with burst.  He can turn speed into power and run down the numbers of the OT, or OG on inside stunts.  Will need UOH development, high percentage of the time he uses the arm over to escape or run by blockers, you do see slap and go, punch and burst past up field shoulder.  Plays the game in the opponents backfield a high percent of the time.  Try blocking him with a TE is a joke and waste of time.   Explosive collision run through tackler to leave feet to make plays.

Best football player in the 2014 draft class.