Excellent A/A QABS and COD quickness as well as length.  Blew away combine with overall numbers and performance.  Aligns at LT has played OG in career. Devastating and explosive inside run blocker with very good initial get off to led with hat and explode into defender, roll over hips with pile drive finish. FBI is spotty despite good chip or combo to second level, seems lost and not as aggressive to pounce on linebackers despite locating target.  Pass blocker with upright pad level with strong UOH to grab outside cloth and cork screw defenders resulting in several holding calls, can he be coached out of that?  Was pinned and pancaked vs. Florida State because pad level was to high and was playing straight-legged.  Freaky A/A really show up when pulling and leading down field on both runs and screens with very fluid movement, balance with re-start.

Best run blocker in the draft, but is not the overall total package, has the most upside then all the OT’s because of A/A