Right arm QB with excellent size and length.  When evaluating this quarterback his movement skills were that of a 6’0-210 player.  A dual threat with down field production.  Good not great arm strength and velocity, can make all the throws needed at the next level.  Aligns at shot gun and traditional with read option production.  Good A/A QABS and COD quickness for tall QB.  Foot quickness is adequate at times from traditional, I wanted to see quicker set up.  Good slide and avoid to reset and fire with accuracy to stick ball on receiver.  Good accuracy to square shoulders on roll outs and delivery receiver friendly balls.  Has good touch on short and intermediate throws, can squeeze it in the window and throw over the top.  Stands tall in the pocket with good field vision and reads coverage’s to find open receiver.  QB that is very cool under pressure doesn’t seem to be rattled, very steady emotionally and works to find positive results on each and every play.