McCarron is a good athlete and his positional attributes are spot on when it comes to accuracy and his ability to stick it on the receiver, throw to an area allowing only the receiver to make a play on the ball or to a spot were the defender can’t get to the ball.  A strong armed quarterback with a quick release that makes all the throws needed for the next level.  He stands tall in the pocket with good awareness, feels pressure, can slide and avoid creating plays on the move, but best when feet are set and transferring weight to post leg.  McCarron can make throws from several different platforms with his eyes always looking down field.    AJ has very good rhythm, anticipation and timing with his receiver’s, tight ends and running backs.  He takes care of the football on all passes, short/intermediate and deep balls.  While not a down field running threat his mobility will crush defense when he decides to run the ball.    I see no panic in this young man, he makes good decisions by identifying pressure (blitz) on pre snap reads vs. both base defenses and sub-packages.  Coach Saban and Offensive Coordinator Doug Nussmeier trusted McCarron giving him the green light to audible and change plays from run to pass, and pass to run at the LOS.